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OH SNAP> Link YOUR Mitsubishi Owner’s Day Pics

Mitsubishi Owners Day Chaba1Love Charlene Barnum Dianna Lushus MotorMavens DSPORT Evo IX X 9 10 Lancer Mirage Eclipse Starion

Oh snap! We’re still working on compiling and posting all the photos we took at Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011 at the Mitsubishi corporate offices in Cypress CA. I got to the event super early, mostly because our good friend Brian Urbano from Mitsubishi kept hyping the event online through Twitter, Facebook, and direct text messages to us, saying… “Yo! Are you coming? It’s gonna be soooo fun!”

The event definitely WAS fun, but I’ll be honest. I screw up sometimes. I was so concerned with picking up a friend and getting to the event on time, I forgot to put my memory card case in my camera bag! #FAIL!!! Yup, I know. LOSERRRR. Good thing one of our MotorMavens shooters, Horacio Flores, owns a Mitsubishi Evo X! He showed up to the event later in the day and took some photos for the site! Whew… he saved me from my royal screw up!

Horacio did let me borrow his camera to take one photo, and here it is… this is @DiannaLushus and @CHABA1LOVE. Follow them on Twitter if you aren’t already, and also make sure to follow @MOTORMAVENS for even more random car photos that we don’t post on our website!

Meanwhile, we’d like to INVITE YOU to post up links to the photos that YOU took, or links to other sites, Flickr pages, and/or forums with good photos from the show! Post up in the comments section!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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9 Responses

  1. D1RGE.EXE

    I never understood why I should “follow” or get autographs with these models. They literally have nothing to do with the cars except posing in questionable poses on them. It’s not like you’re gonna get a phone number or a date or anything….I mean, I understand the whole eye-candy thing of hot girls at car shows, but c’mon, really? Follow them on Twitter? Why? So I can follow them like a stalker?

    Meanwhile, on with the Evo pix!

  2. SW Drifter

    D1RGE: Don’t judge me! LOL they post up lots of pics on their Twitter. I dig looking at them, same reason why I follow @motormavens on twitter. They post up cool pics from events I can’t always make it to!

  3. cool picture, Ant! thanx again! thanx to u AND Brian too!! ..for the asprin!! Life Saver! lol. oh! & to answer D1RGE.EXE ‘S question on WHY any1 should even follow us when we have nothing to do with cars cuz all we do is just “pose”..?!? ..WRONG!! u DONT have to follow us, BUT to clear a couple things up.. Never judge a book by its cover. SOME of us “models” are actually INTO cars & ARE actual car enthusiasts too, i consider myself a car enthusiast myself & very lucky to be modeling FOR the car industry scene, best of BOTH worlds =} anyway i hope i helped pop that question mark bubble for u, have a wicked wknd!

  4. @Chaba1: Are you from Canada or something? I thought only Canadians say things like “that’s wicked, eh” hahaha

    Anyway, I thought I’d chime in on this one. I honestly think MOST models in the scene know nothing about cars. I was pretty damn surprised when I first heard you talking to us about different types of SSRs and whatnot. I was surprised that you actually knew what the different wheels were! You DO know that’s like foreplay to guys who are into old school Japanese cars, right? NOW there’s gonna be some random people starting to follow you! hahahahaha

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