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RANDOM DOPE> MotorMavens Lanyards at FD ATL!

This just in! We’re pretty excited that we just got our first batch of MotorMavens lanyards finished, thanks to our friends at AAA Silkscreen. (If you’re interested in making some lanyards for your own company or crew, go ahead and hit them up and tell them Antonio sent you!) We’ll have the MotorMavens lanyards available at the MotorMavens booth at Road Atlanta this weekend… look out for our vertical flags in the pit area! We’ll be near the Falken Tire rig!

We’ll also be adding them to our online shop sometime after the Formula D event this weekend… but right now, I’m super busy getting all my camera gear and booth supplies ready, and Andy is getting his black E46 BMW ready, because he’s gonna be driving Formula D Atlanta! Make sure to cheer him on if you see him! (Just to avoid any confusion, his car is the black BMW E46 with the polished Racing Dynamics wheels!)

:: Antonio Alvendia

AAA Silkscreen (LOL at their ghetto ass “website” but they print for EVERYBODY in the car industry)

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  2. Antonio Alvendia

    @Garth: haha thanks for the compliments on my cars man. the super dusty one on the left is my 1985 AE86 with sunroof, with complete burgundy interior, 1985 version OEM cassette radio with equalizer and yup, OEM wing, OEM Japanese sideskirts, zenki bumpers, lights, and front chin spoiler.

    My 1986 kouki AE86 hatch (no sunroof) is the shiny one on the right. It has a complete mint condition gray/black velour interior, and of course 1986 version OEM cassette radio with equalizer, OEM wing, OEM Japanese sideskirts, kouki bumpers, lights, and no lip spoiler.

    Both of them had TRD short stroke shocks (AE101 5way up front and AE831 8-way rear), and the kouki had TRD Japan 8/6.5 springs, while the zenki had KG/MM 7/5.7 springs.

    The zenki now has DG5 coilovers, and I’m trying to figure out what kind of coilovers I want for the kouki one…

  3. Mike Kim

    I want a lanyard!! lol…and those 86’s are RIDICULOUS!!! After seeing them in person the kouki is by far the cleanest I’ve ever seen…they make me drool (*as i wipe my chin of spittle*)

  4. Absolution

    @ Antonio: I’ll put in my suggestion of GReddy suspension. I drove my friend’s hachi with those things on it. All I have to say is GAHDAMN. Sure the Ueo brand parts might have had a helping hand, but I love the way the dampening feels with them.

    In any case, too bad I’m stuck in Hawaii, but I’ll be sure to order them sometime soon.

  5. Antonio Alvendia

    @Mike: Thanks man! I appreciate it. My kouki definitely isn’t a track car or canyon monster. My goal with it was to make it the cleanest AE86 I had ever seen. And the repaint on it (OEM Toyota 3E6 red btw) was more expensive than the purchase price of the car itself. It was done in 2000 (damnnnn!!! 10 years ago?!) with LACQUER paint which is illegal in Cali, so I asked the painter to smuggle it in from Mexico.

    If anyone wants to learn about what A REAL good paint job is comprised of, talk to Ray Nakadate, the Pres of Kaaz USA. He used to own an exotic car restoration shop, filled with Lotuses, Ferraris, old Benzes, Lancias, and yes… my AE86. It was a trip seeing them drive a Lamborghini out of the paint booth right before they drove my car IN. lol

    @Absolution: “Too bad I’m stuck in Hawaii?!” GIVE ME AN EFFIN BREAK!

    I’d LOVE to be in Hawaii right now! I love Oahu!!!! I’ll think about GReddy coilovers too, we’ll see.

  6. Absolution

    Oh man, it sucks to be in Hawaii. I’d rather be in SO CAL right now. So boring here with the beautiful weather, the sunny, clear skies, and the sweet scented winds. The damn cool rains are a bother too. Oh what I wouldn’t give to get out of here.

  7. Antonio Alvendia

    CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you didn’t even mention the ono grindz and the hot chicks yet. I <3 HI. Shoots cuz!

  8. Absolution

    K den, brah, lol. You shoulda been down here for HF Aloha Kings, shit, I think you’d fit right in with our average bodied peoples.

  9. Avon

    Always count on Ed to come with the perfect Hip Hop historical reference: “Hmm, let me see…Zulu Nation…A Tribe Called Quest…Q-Tip – Phife – Ali Shaheed…People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm…circa 1990…It was a good year.”

    I could use a lanyard – they’re so versatile and useful across a broad range of applications. Perfect for espionage…

  10. Antonio

    I say it again, we want some footage of your cars!!
    I think i am not the only one here :) the red is beautiful.
    I love stock wings too.

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