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CENTER STAGE> Tomei Stroker Silvia from Portland


During the 2010 Formula Drift Pro-Am Nationals, up and coming drifter Kyle Pollard from Portland, Oregon earned his Formula D license behind the wheel of a white F20C-powered AE86 Levin – in tandem with guys like Pat Cyr and Walker Wilkerson. Since then, he has opted to build a car that is fully Formula D legal and more easily competitive. Because of all the aftermarket support available, he chose an S13 Silvia… of course!

When Kyle and I finally worked out a good time to shoot his car, Walker Wilkerson and I drove down to Portland to meet up with him. An added bonus was the group that awaited us – Joe Ayala, Justin Shreeve, and Ryan Davis. I was excited to actually hang out with these guys outside of a track! Besides, Ryan from YAER Productions was kind enough to lend me some of his equipment to shoot Kyle’s car. I had fun experimenting with off camera flashes – I just need to get some of my own now! And if you haven’t seen the brilliant viral video (Stuck) that Joe shot with Larry Chen while “stuck” overnight at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, I’m strongly suggesting that you want to do that. We are MotorMavens and we endorse this message!

Kyle Pollard Formula D 2011 Portland Speed Industries PSI Silvia S13 Drift Speed Yoshi Shindo

Kyle wanted to keep this S13 true to the roots. He kept the SR20DET and built it to accommodate the high level of competition in Formula D. He ended up using a Tomei 2.2 Stroker kit, Ikeya Formula Throttle Bodies, HKS 264 cams, Garrett GTX3076R Turbocharger, DOC Race exhaust manifold, and Motec standalone to name a few parts. Portland Speed Industries tuned the car to make 560whp and 490 lb/ft of torque.

Kyle Pollard Formula D 2011 Portland Speed Industries PSI Silvia S13 Drift Speed Yoshi Shindo

This isn’t a RHD converted 240SX. This is a real S13 Silvia. The interior looks like most drift cars – which is not to disparage the car in any way. It’s very simple – this car is constructed with an emphasis on competition within a motorsport and, as you know, all motorsports involve speed to some extent. Read: excess weight = not good. Thus, the minimalist interior. Also, as in all motorsports, there are regulations and rules that need to be followed. To comply with these rules, this car has a Formula D spec roll cage, fire suppression system, kill switches, etc. I also like the Stack cluster and Ikeya Formula sequential shifter and transmission.

Kyle Pollard Formula D 2011 Portland Speed Industries PSI Silvia S13 Drift Speed Yoshi Shindo

I think this is one of my favorite S13s. I’ve always loved how the BN Sports Type 2 kit looks on S13s – not to mention hard to get Koguchi Power over-fenders. I would be a little hesitant to run these on a track car, though….

Kyle Pollard Formula D 2011 Portland Speed Industries PSI Silvia S13 Drift Speed Yoshi Shindo

I still can’t decide which wheel I think looks better on this car…The Work XD-9 or the Gramlight 57D. I think the contrast of the white XD-9 makes it stand out a bit more. Kyle did a great job with this car and I hope to see this car on track more often!

::Yoshi Shindo

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    first fd car coverage i have seen so far. good job being first motor mavens. love it just rhd ? eh whatever best of luck in 2012 mangs

  2. SW Drifter

    Aerocatch hoodpins are hella ugly either way they’re installed. I like to install em OFF the car lol. Graphics and wheels could be improved and it also needs a grill.

    The Tomei stroker, Ikeya Formula itbs and dope ass turbo are baller though! Awesome looking fab work/cage also, and super clean engine bay. Very nicely done, PSI. I’m sure pollard will put this to good use!!!

  3. IKEYA FORMULA (ee-KAY-uh, not IKEA) sequential shift tranny and throttle bodies?! Damn, Kyle Pollard you should’ve painted this car GREEN for all the MONEY that’s in here!!! Bling Bling!!!

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  5. Yoshi Shindo

    I agree on the grille and missing corner light BUT….

    this was after he made contact with some barriers at Irwindale. Whats a drift car without some battle scars? haha

  6. Trina

    Always has to be at least one sour apple in all this greatness. A HUGE thank you to Yoshi for this article and letting the world of Motormavens know about this extremely talented driver. Killer article and very proud of you little brother. Keep up the good work. I can not wait to see what this season brings.

  7. Tandemnights

    Very nice write up Mr.shindo. I’m so happy to see people are still staying true to the roots and not conforming to the FD hype. Very nice car Kyle

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