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VIDEO> A Taste of The Gatebil Festival in Norway

MotorMavens | TANDEM OF DIE | Gatebil from MotorMavens Dotcom on Vimeo.

A huge thanks is due to Lars and Dag Harlem of Team Yellow in Rakkestad Norway for flying Joe Ayala and I over to cover the 2011 Gatebil Festival in Rudskogen. The most friendly, hospitable group of people I’ve ever met, and we owe them more gratitude than we can express. Dag even let me drive his Toyota MarkII! I can’t begin to explain the kindness and camaraderie these dudes exude daily. You’ll just have to see it for yourself at the next Gatebil Festival in 2012. Seriously, go there. You won’t regret it.

The track was filled for three days with the most outrageous grip and drift machines Joe or I had ever seen. The thing is, in Norway, no one looks twice if you have less than 500hp. This outlook inspires local privateers to built the most ridiculous cars. 500-1000hp BEASTS. Rear, front, all wheel drive – doesn’t matter, they’ll make it fast. The only problem with this is all these young dudes have to then learn how to control their cars. Many spins were seen, but that doesn’t mean the action had to stop. You cannot believe the burnouts these guys do. Fun from a spectator standpoint, but not so fun for other drivers on the track. Did I mention they allow virtually unlimited drivers on course at once?! If there’s a gap in cars, they let you out. Driving the Team Yellow MarkII was a bit scary at first due to this, but once I got comfortable with drifting in traffic, it was just another addition to the endless excitement Gatebil has to offer.

Really though. Got-bill twenty twelve. Go.

:: Justin Shreeve

Look forward to a full edit of Gatebil Rudskogen in the upcoming 2011 DVD from Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala!


Shot by:
Joe Ayala

Edit by:
Joe Ayala

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