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VIDEO> Toshiki Yoshioka X AntonioE86 on RiceboyTV

Take a look back at this RiceboyTV video highlighting legendary AE86 driver Toshiki Yoshioka. This video dropped just after Yoshioka’s win at Formula Drift Las Vegas last year. You should recognize another equally legendary AE86’er… Antonio Alvendia interviewing Yoshioka as he gives some insight as to why his hachiroku is so fast and competitive. I had the pleasure of meeting Yoshioka at D1 in Chicago this past weekend and I have to say, the fact that he gives his trophies to his sponsors is truly amazing! It is that kind of selfless dedication and team effort that I think we can all take cue from.

:: Andy Sapp

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7 Responses

  1. wahhhh! i didn’t meet ANYBODY at D1 cuz the pits were closed to most people x.x

    toshiki seems like a cool dude, he never seems like he’s showing off, just trying really hard to please everybody. that’s rad.

  2. LOL I certainly don’t think I live up to your words Andy (sheesh!) hahahaha but I do agree with everyone that Yoshioka is appreciative and generous to his sponsors. He really does have an awesome personality!

    If you guys ever get a chance to meet him, please make sure you come over and say hello! He is cool as hell and loves meeting people!

  3. Edward Uche

    FC3S HKS Dogmission did you say!? At exactly 2:59…why yes Toshiki, a fine choice you have made 😀

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