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WEBMINING>Team Battle:Drift by Stephen Brooks

Team Battle:Drift from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.

I’ve been checking out Stephen Brooks’ work lately on Vimeo. The man from the land of tea and crumpets makes great videos, but this one really stood out to me in particular. It was shot during a team drift event (hence the name) at the Norfolk Arena, which is about 2.5 hours North of London.

Although I’m not too keen on the song choice, I think it matched the content of the video very well. Beyond that, I feel like this piece does a great job to portray all the emotions behind the scenes of a drift event. Don’t worry though, there’s great drifting footage as well!

::Justin Shreeve

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  1. Erocker

    Justin, love the vid. Thanks to you and MM for being our eyes and ears and giving us access to the little known gems!

  2. wow .. thanks to Justin for posting this here and thanks for the comments guys.

    I wasn’t sure about the music either, in fact im still not … haha.

    Oh Alan, a crumpet is kinda like a muffin i think.

  3. Rich

    Nice find Justin! The vid’s like a drifting Jon Woo flick or something with the mix of slowed down action and emotion behind winning. Your mention of the song choice is so true though, not to mention very good humor! Thanks for another Motormavens awakening!!

  4. Rich

    BTW no pun intended with the “music” part of my last comment. It’s just my taste is more in line with underground hip hop. The vid was sick though regardless! Props to the editor!

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