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OH SNAP> Post Up Your Nisei Showoff Photos!

Maureen Chen Nisei Showoff 2010 Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles Japantown Car Show 1970 Honda N600

I met a whole TON of people today at the 10 year Anniversary of Nisei Showoff in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo! Most people were taking photos, whether they were with DSLRs, point&shoot cameras, cameraphones, and even disposable film cameras.

This is the section of the site where I’d love to invite YOU to post up your photos on MotorMavens! We want to see what photos you came up with, whether you think they’re photographically amazing or not. We just want you to show us your favorite cars (and scenes) from Nisei Showoff 2010!

We’ll let Ken Miyoshi from Import Showoff pick the best photo gallery from Nisei Showoff, and the winner will receive a special prize from ShowoffCafe/MotorMavens!

Click this link to add your photos to the specified page in our forum! Then I’ll link your photos to the event story and photos that I’ll be posting tomorrow!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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8 Responses

  1. William Galan

    All I can say it was a really nice show I was so impress a lot of nice cars my first time competing with my red ef2 sedan finally finished and I hope that I can take it next year with some other upgrades thanks to all the people that came to me asking all kinds of questions. Thanks Antonio for offering me a fotoshoot of my car.

  2. Hey William!

    Hey man, you never stopped by the booth to give me your contact info. Make sure to just email your contact info to me at motormavens(at)gmail(dot)com so we can set something up.

    Also… to ALL CREWS AND CAR OWNERS out there… if you guys have (or know of) a sick car worthy of a feature shoot on our site, please let us know! Get at us!

  3. Antonio, thanks for the support and the MC’ing – Award ceremony is BEST when you are on MIC. As for the photo contest, I am honored to be the judge and excited to see pics from the show! When I am busy running around taking care of the show, many of the things that happen at show becomes a blur. I cant wait to see the submissions, old and new!

    Showoff… Rockin’ True JDM – since 1994

  4. Thanks for commenting the site, Ken! I definitely felt honored to become the emcee of Nisei Showoff and the Drift Showoff Series! Besides, it’s fun!

    Sucks that I couldn’t get my cars ready for the show in time…

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