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Cult Classic – S54 Swapped E36 M3 Sedan

E36 BMW M3 4door 5 speed Getrag BBS M345 Garage Welt

From the time BMW first released the E36 M3, it was born to be a cult classic. In the late 1990s, E36 M3 sedans became a favorite in the German DTM racing scene. This is why Garage Welt founder Narek Isayan got hooked on the E36, and decided to build this 1997 BMW E36 M3 Sedan.

E36 BMW M3 4door S54 swap 5 speed Getrag BBS M345 Garage Welt 1DX21273

Make sure to check out more of the car on the full feature story with high res downloadable photos. Click here.

:: Antonio Alvendia
Instagram: @AntonioSureshot • @MotorMavens

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