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VIDEO> JustDrift/Ziptied All Star Bash Weekend 2011

I couldn’t make it to All Star Bash AGAIN this year, so I can’t offer much insight to the event. What I do know is that many shenanigans were had, with the usual fireworks and drinking. During the day, the 108 degree weather put a huge damper on the action, making the night drifting the “cool” thing to do. (more…)

COVERAGE> PGP Wars Episode 1 – Tandem Menace

If you are at all a drift fan, you have probably watched old Option videos on VHS or you have seen videos on YouTube or posted around the Internet. At some point you and your friends have dropped your jaws and yelled at the screen after witnessing truly epic driving. Unreal angle, physics-defying early entries, and team tandems that looked like they were choreographed in a dance studio - all things you would scream at the top of your lungs for. Well, if you were one of the many spectators in attendance at PGP (Pacific Grand Prix), then you witnessed some of the same electrifying driving that you would expect from one of those videos from way back when.   Read more...

COVERAGE> Formula Drift Las Vegas Highlights

When it comes to Formula D Las Vegas, what can I say that hasn't been already mentioned? It was hot. Damn hot. Too hot to be outside without air conditioning. I don't understand how Las Vegas locals can handle the incredible heat over there, but they say they're just used to it now. Getting used to it is one thing... but I wonder if they like it though?

Just like the gypsy camps in the days of old, this year's Las Vegas round of Formula Drift brought thieves out of the woodwork. I was really surprised to find out that former Formula D judge (and current Tanaka Racing Corvette driver) Alex Pfeiffer's helmet was stolen. I suppose someone was a fan of Alex's Hawaiian print helmet, which had the traditional Hawaiian plumeria flowers painted on one side. The only question I have about that is... Okay, thieves. Now that you have Alex's helmet, what the hell are you going to do with it?   Read more...

COVERAGE> All Star Bash 2010 at Willow Springs!

All Star Bash 2010 was off the chain! Everyone who has ever heard of the JustDrift/Ziptied All Star Bash knows that it's like woodstock for drifters. All Star Bash is pretty much the West Coast's premier event that brings together the grassroots drifting community.


OH SNAP> Happy July 4th from All Star Bash

All Star Bash 2010 Just Drift Ziptied Willow Springs International Raceway MotorMavens

Most of us in the United States are celebrating Independence Day today, the Fourth of July. This weekend, Mike Kim, Larry Chen and I represented the Southern Cali chapter of the MotorMavens Crew were out at Willow Springs International Raceway, shooting photos at the Ziptied/Just Drift All Star Bash drifting festival. (more…)

VIDEO> Return to ASB with Risky Devil!

Here in Southern California, we’re about to begin celebrating springtime – warmer weather and sunny days, driving with your sunroof open, checking out short skirts and whatnot… but I thought we should post up this cool video, as an ode to the Summer of 2009.

The Summer of 2009 was a great one… sure, it was hot as hell, and everyone was complaining about low fundage and a slow economy… but that didn’t stop all the super hardcore, super down, super low, super dedicated drifters from all over the country from gathering at the Ziptied/JustDrift All Star Bash in the middle of the freakin desert, California. In case you don’t know what All Star Bash is all about yet, I suggest you click this link to get an education on it. (more…)

CENTER STAGE> A Touch of Class in the Party

Washington mornings are crisp in the fall. Past the hustle and bustle of Seattle's technology saturated east side lie country roads that meander through the landscape. The dew turns to light frost and everything seems to quiet down. So when Mark Couts and his 1997 BMW E36 328i hit the street, you hear it long before you see it.

Mark is as tall (6'7") as the reputation that Team Instant Party has in the Northwest, and despite being a relatively new crew, most have been around for a long while. He's had different drift cars in the past, and they have come and gone for one reason or another. Having drifting as a hobby isn't easy for a poor college student trying to make ends meet, as I'm sure a lot of you can relate. While making the best of it, Mark has built an amazing looking E36. Clean and mean.   Read more...

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt.4

It has been over one week since the epic All Star Bash drifting festival took over the Mojave Desert, but that isn't stopping Motor Mavens from continuing the coverage. We had to take a very brief hiatus from updates this weekend, as some of our crew roadtripped to Chicago for D1 while others had to divert our concentration for a moment to finish other client projects that help us pay our monthly bills. This being said, we'd just like to make sure you know that even though it happened a little over a week ago, All Star Bash is not old to us.

All Star Bash is still very vivid and exciting in our minds, and we don't plan on pushing off our grassroots drifting photos to publish coverage from other big events that took place this week. We know other sites have already moved on, but we don't care. We're still all about the ASB. Drifting is where we live. It's in our hearts and on our minds, and it doesn't just stop when events are over. Even though the MotorMavens site is new, the members of our crew have been down with drifting since day one. It's like that... and that's the way it is. We show love to grassroots drifters, and grassroots drifters show love to us. This being said, we are proud to continue our coverage of the Ziptied/JustDrift All Star Bash, as we bring you the long overdue, eagerly anticipated... Part FOUR!   Read more...

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt.3

More All Star Bash!!! We love it, so Motor Mavens keeps it coming! Most of the people in the MotorMavens crew live in different states... but yesterday after everyone got off work, we were able to put our photos together and organize them!

So here you go... enjoy the photos!  

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt.2

Continuing our coverage with more photos from the ZipTied/Just Drift Summer All Star Bash this past weekend, I'd like to start off by giving props to Charlie, Mike, and everyone behind the All Star Bash! This was the biggest All Star Bash yet, and I'm sure it's just going to get bigger and bigger. There were more members of the media shooting photos and video at this event than any ASB event in the past! But media aside, this event also had more cars than any previous All Star Bash! I'm proud to see a small grassroots drifting organization like Just Drift come up on such a bad ass event, with tons of participation from drifters all over the nation! ...and I'm sure the next event will be even bigger!

And now, on to the photos... THIS IS GRASSROOTS DRIFTING!   Read more...

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt 1

All over the USA, this has been a pretty exciting weekend for grassroots drifting enthusiasts. On the East Coast, many of our good friends made the trek to Virginia International Raceway for the North vs South drifting competition. However, in Southern California, the hottest thing happening is definitely the Just Drift/Zip Tied All Star Bash drifting festival at Willow Springs International Raceway. I've been to many All Star Bash events in the past, but it just doesn't seem to get old for me. In fact, the more events I go to, it keeps getting better and better. In the United States, the All Star Bash is the closest you can get to the actual look and feeling of an authentic Japanese grassroots drifting event, like the legendary Drifting Matsuri events at Ebisu Circuit or the regional MSC events.

Willow Springs is in the high desert - the Mojave Desert to be exact. It's two hours north east of Los Angeles, and the summertime sun just seems to sear anyone or anything it sees. As I write this, the event is far from over! In fact, we're about to leave the hotel in a few minutes to get back to the track, where the course just went hot - literally and figuratively.

This weekend's All Star Bash was exciting because there were drivers and cars that came from all over the United States just to drift with California's best. Cars came from as far as the San Francisco Bay Area, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Las Vegas, Chicago, and even South Dakota!   Read more...