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GALLERY> Traffik Tour Heats Texas Motor Speedway

For those who haven't been to Texas Motor Speedway in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the complex is HUGE. It may seem like a cliche that "everything is bigger in Texas," but this is a case where that saying is actually true! I experienced the Texas Motor Speedway complex first hand recently when I attended the inaugural event of the nationwide Traffik Tour series, which is a car show series that has partnered up with the Indy Racing League (IRL).

For the first Traffik event, the entire car show was organized right by the main entrance of Texas Motor Speedway's main track entrance, so the 80,000 recorded event attendees for the IRL event and the special "Ultimate Drifting" Formula Drift competition event (not for series points) had an opportunity to check out all the cars in the Traffik show, as they melted underneath the sun's 100 degree heat.   Read more...

NEWSWORTHY> Drift Cars vs Drag Cars at IDRC

MOTORMAVENS Motor Mavens DSPORT IDRC Drifting Drift Drag Race California Speedway Fontana

California people!

Mark your calendars and free up your schedule on Saturday, September 4th! (Labor Day Weekend) We’re teaming up with our friends at IDRC and DSPORT Magazine to present the Drift Car Quarter Mile Challenge at California Speedway in Fontana CA (even though they now call it “Auto Club Dragway” because of sponsorship reasons).

We’re calling out ALL DRIFT CAR OWNERS to sign up for this special event and show the drag-only guys how fast your drift cars really are!

This event will also include a big carshow in the pit area, with lots of Southern Cali’s freshest street cars on display. If you have a super low car with aggressive offset wheels, make sure to sign your car up for the show! I’ve personally made calls to several car owners and crews who own some of the best stanced cars with wide wheels and stretched tires. (I’m not done calling people yet, so please don’t yell at me if I haven’t called you yet…) A whole lot of car owners and crews are already confirmed, so we’re going to have a big area with the dopest street cars surrounding the MotorMavens booth. If you have a dope streetcar, make sure to enter it into the car show!

More event details can be found here. (more…)

WEBMINING> Sumo Power R33 at Santa Pod

Last year on a trip to the UK, Antonio went to Santa Pod Raceway and came face to face with this pink R33 Skyline drag monster from Sumo Power.

This car is well known in the UK – the R33 stirred up quite a bit of attention from its performance numbers and overall impact! (Not to mention its pink paint job!) We came across this video from our buddy Stephane Benini from Clash Productions (who always produces great work), showing the pink powerhouse in action.

This video is an oldie but goodie!  If you live in the UK, you can check out Sumo Power’s Skyline, “Fuujin” in action at Santa Pod next weekend! According to Sumo Power owner Andy Barnes, Fuujin means “God of Wind” in Japanese… so either Andy drives it really fast, or he just passes a lot of gas. Maybe both.

Before I forget, Antonio also did a killer photo set and story on this sick Skyline sometime last year, so don’t forget to cllick through to check it out!


::Travis Hodges

Antonio’s photos and story of Fuujin, the Sumo Power Drag R33

COVERAGE> IDRC Finals Fontana Pt. 2

As I looked over our coverage on the IDRC Finals at Fontana last weekend, I thought should make a complete and separate post about some of my favorite cars out there - the old school draggers! After all, as these cars (and their owners) get on in age, the people that own these cool old school drag cars tend to bring them out less and less. Needless to say, I was more than glad to see some at IDRC Finals! Let's take a look.   Read more...

COVERAGE> IDRC Finals Fontana Pt.1

It's been an extremely busy week for those of us working on the Motor Mavens site! We're all making lots of steps toward positive growth for the site, which is exciting! This past weekend, Travis Hodges and I went out to the IDRC Finals at the AAA Auto Club Dragway in Fontana CA. We thought it would be interesting to show a little bit of drag racing content on the site, since our site is just so populated with drifting content all the time (not that it's a bad thing!).

Fontucky was extremely hot while we were there; the sun and Southern Cali fires weren't helping matters at all, burning through our sunscreen like a magnifying glass being held over ants. If you're interested in play by play bracketed info on all the classes, you'll need to check an upcoming copy of DSPORT Magazine. However, if you're like us and you just want to check out the cars at the event, please read on!   Read more...

VIDEO> Four Years of CLASH

Stephane Benini from Clash Production just released an awesome video that chronicles the past 4 years of videos released under the Clash umbrella. This video is short, sweet, and jam-packed with awesome cinematography – from start to finish. Stephane is one of my favorites in the digital-production arena. I hope that this montage is not only a celebration of the past 4 years… but a precursor to the next 4!

:: Andy Sapp

VIDEO > IDRC West Coast Nationals

Check out our newest video on, which highlights video footage from the IDRC West Coast Nationals at the California Speedway Drag strip in Fontana. One of our friends, Tobin Honda from DSPORT Magazine was promoting the event, so we definitely wanted to be there to show our support.

FWD, All-Motor and Street class cars were running all day. Some of the car setups were pretty crazy, but many of them were modified street cars. It was cool to see the Honda Civics and CRX’s with wheelie bars and parachutes, but for us, seeing the normal street cars run was pretty cool because they were more stylish and were also driven to the track! You should also make note of the FWD ‘s grip tire placement. Not where you would typically see them on a dragster.

On the RWD side, you have to keep an eye out for one of our favorite cars at IDRC; the Mazda RX2 drag car that was featured in Antonio’s carspotting story from the event.

With the continued help of Antonio’s brother Dave, we were able to get some great coverage combining the footage from the small Canon HF S100 consumer HD video camera I’m testing with the video capabilities from Antonio’s Canon 5D MarkII digital SLR.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think of the footage from the cameras!

:: Travis Hodges

More IDRC photos on MotorMavens!

VIDEO> Rod & Kulture Dragfest

Check out our profile pages on YouTube and, where one of our resident shooters, Travis Hodges, just posted more camera test footage from the Canon HF S100 video camera, which is only $899 online at B&H Photo. We’re pretty impressed at what this consumer level, sub $1000 HD camera can accomplish. 

To capture this footage, he drove all the way out to Bakersfield California to the Rod & Kulture Dragfest at Famoso Raceway. If you like retro funny cars, wheelies, burnouts and nitro breathing beasts like we do, you better watch this video.

What do you think… do you want to see more of this type of stuff on Motor Mavens? Or should we just stick to our core competency – Japanese and European cars?

:: Motor Mavens

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CARSPOTTING> USP S4 Turbo: The Fastest Audi in America

For those who are unfamiliar with the high performance "street car" builds on the East Coast vs the West Coast, we thought we'd chime in with some of our observations. From what we've seen, the West Coast car builders tend to build flashier cars with an emphasis on style and automotive fashion in a sense; whereas, the East Coast car builders tend to focus their efforts on building cars that look a bit more simple on the exterior, with modifications that a normal passerby might not notice at first glance.

However, don't let the purposefully plain jane outer skins fool you - East Coast gearheads are all about going fast. Their whole intent is on building sleepers - these guys build cars that only look mildly modified on the outside, but if you ever try to step to them on a highway or even a stoplight, they will make your shiny "chick magnet" feel as slow as your girlfriend's first car in no time flat.   Read more...