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COVERAGE> Wheelspotting At Wekfest Long Beach

Long Beach is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues for automotive events. This weekend, our friends from Weksos Industries made the trek down to Los Angeles to hold yet another Wekfest event in Southern Cali. Even though the event is pronounced "weak-fest" and their company name is pronounced "weak sauce," the turnout was anything but weak. Lowlife car owners from all over California and Nevada scraped their oilpans all the way to the Queen Mary to show off their first class wheel fitment.   Read more...

COVERAGE> Grassroots Drifting Action in NorCal

A couple of weeks ago, I shed some light on the Comrades FC3S Truckasaurus RX7 from Fatlace WordUp!, a drift and gymkhana session in held once a month in Santa Clara, CA. The event is only open to 15 drivers and members of the media - no spectators are allowed. It is the closest thing we have to Drift Day in the Bay Area and is centered on providing a safe venue for those who wish to better their skills in a safe environment.   Read more...

SHOPAHOLIC> Street Party At The Flagship Society

This has been one hectic weekend - it's as if the Southern Cali car events just don't stop, even on the motorsports off-season! This was a weekend of Christmas Parties and get togethers with good friends, but it was also a weekend of really bad weather in Los Angeles - with lots of rain causing car crashes for non-rain trained drivers. It was hydroplane city out there on Southern California freeways, but it still didn't stop people from coming out and packing the hell out of the Flagship Society grand opening event last night!

This was only the first official party held at Flagship Society, but when people heard through the grapevine that L-Con founder/fabricator Louie Contreras was working on organizing an event, everyone knew that they better not miss it!

There were lots of people in attendance, so it was pretty tough to find parking outside the shop. There were tons of fresh cars on the streets lining the shop, but it was raining so hard, people weren't really hanging out by the cars. Instead, everyone was having fun inside the shop itself with DJ A1 in the mix, getting everyone to bop their heads and groove as they walked around and checked out the shop with friends. Our good friends from the ItsJDMyo! Blog had a table inside the event, passing out posters, with a bunch of scantily clad Vietnamese coffee shop girls smiling for pictures... and sometimes not.   Read more...

CARSPOTTING> Supercharged S2000 from Seattle

Sometimes I wonder how big or small this world can be. When you think you've seen it all, something just comes out of nowhere and blows your mind! This is exactly what happened with me and Marc Tham's S2000. I pulled into the local gas station to fill up the "Yoshivan" and get a few packs of smokes when I noticed this super clean 2007 Honda S2000. After a few glances, I went up to the owner and started to chat with him about his car. After a brief conversation I knew I had to share this beautiful machine with everyone!   Read more...

VIDEO> Format67′s Dreamy NSX Edit


I love everything about this breathtaking edit from Format67… the concept; the cinematography; the grading; the sound design… EVERYTHING. The superb attention to detail reveals a master craftsman at work. This video breaks the barrier between its creator and the viewer in an attempt to capture the soul of the automobile; the soul of racing; and the soul of the enthusiast; to which I think Daniel Michaelis and his crew accomplish a stunning victory.

:: Andy Sapp

COVERAGE> The Underdogs of Formula D Atlanta

Continuing the photographic coverage on MotorMavens with even more stories from Formula D Atlanta, I know that several of our readers have asked to see more images revolving around the Formula D Pro Am and the drivers that participate in the series. I'm more than happy to follow through on requests like these. After all, I think it's the local Pro Am drivers from different regions that add flavor to the larger Formula D series.

I feel even more of a connection to the grassroots/underdog drivers sometimes, because I think that if the MotorMavens Crew were a drift team, it would be exactly like a team of privateers that's striving to elevate its game to a big time level. The members of the MotorMavens Crew are extremely driven and passionate about car culture. Even though some of us might have backgrounds that include professional experience (working with big print magazines, newspapers, video production companies, or larger blog sites) in our particular niches, we have come together to join our collective talents and build something we truly believe in.

MotorMavens is not a big company with major sponsors and an expense account. Unlike some of the big magazines or corporate-financed automotive blogs, we can't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on our travel, marketing, and camera equipment. Hell, almost all of the members of the MotorMavens Crew work other jobs and spend hard earned personal money to travel to the different events we cover for the site. For this past Atlanta event, we didn't even have the budget to stay in the official Formula D hotel with the rest of the people on the tour. Instead, we gratefully crashed on the floors and couches of our good friends in Atlanta (Thanks to Erik Jacobs from DG Trials, Cody Wellons from S3 Magazine, and Andy Sapp from MotorMavens) in order to make this trip happen with the small budget we had to work with.

The grassroots drivers that showed their skills at Road Atlanta's Formula D Pro Am definitely impressed me. I'll be honest... I wasn't necessarily impressed with how all the cars looked or performed... it was very obvious that many of the cars were grassroots "budget builds" and that's just fine. However, what impressed me about the drivers from the South was how much heart they had. They definitely wore their hearts on their sleeves as they drove in the intense mid-day heat of their Friday practice sessions. Pro Am qualifying took place at around 8:00pm on that Friday night, while most of the drifting fans at Road Atlanta packed up and went home. I'm sure it must have been somewhat disconcerting that many of the people in the audience didn't care enough to stay and watch them, but the grassroots drifters of the South were their own support group. They watched their friends and competitors intently from the top of Road A's famous hill, clapping and cheering for each other as each driver took their turn running the course. I suppose some people may just say it's Southern hospitality, but I was honestly impressed that the Southeast drifters seemed to be such a tightly knit group. Now that's the spirit... at least, that's what the real spirit of drifting is all about.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Papercraft Super GT Epson NSX

Today I’ve been taking a keen interest in this years Tokyo Auto Salon, and while I was searching around for information and interesting photos I stumbled upon this little gem. Epson Nakajima Racing decided to bring not one of their real Super GT cars to TAS this year but one made entirely out of cardboard and paper!

Now I’ve seen some pretty cool little papercraft cars before. I even tried my hand at making a Nissan Skyline KPGC10 GT-R once (not that it looked anything like one by the time I was done with it) , but a full scale race car is just awesome! After a bit more searching I found the full build of the car on their website. It’s amazing to see the amount of detail gone into it.

Check it out at EPSON Nakajima Racing.

:: Daniel Bridle

NEWSWORTHY> Factor X NSX wins Redline Time Attack at Willow

The cars of the Redline Time Attack continue to dominate racetracks all across the country, and at the most recent Redline event at Willow Springs International Raceway, long-standing record lap times were shattered not once, but twice.

Redline Time Attack golden boy Tyler McQuarrie and his Unlimited Class carbon fiber-bodied C-West/BC Honda S2000 showed why they are a dominating force in the time attack scene by running the 2.5-mile “Big Willow” course in 1:20.454 seconds. Not only was that lap time the fastest of the day, it was the fastest ever recorded at Willow Springs International Raceway. With a lap time like that, it seemed safe to say that McQuarrie would walk away with yet another 1st place trophy.

But records, including newly set ones, are made to be broken. Billy Johnson, piloting the lime green Unlimited Class FX Motorsports/Cricket NSX ran the same Big Willow course in just 1:18.555 seconds. For those of you who hate to do math at home, that’s almost  2 seconds faster than McQuarrie. And for those who need help in the art of deductive reasoning, this also means that Johnson walked away with the new track record. But that’s not all Johnson walked away with; he also scored the first-place trophy in Redline Time Attack’s Unlimited Class.

At the end of the day, the Redline Time Attack Unlimited Class results were as follows:

  • 1st: #5 (Johnson) FX Motosports NSX 1:18.555
  • 2nd: #1 (McQuarrie) Cwest s2000 1:20.454
  • 3rd: #489 (Bonarito) Sierra Sierra Evo 1:20.838

There are still seven races left in the Redline Time Attack Series, and the next event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park is just two weeks away. Be sure to check back with us later in the week for our gallery of the Redline Time Attack at Willow Springs International Raceway.

::Justin Kaehler