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VIDEO> Format67’s Dreamy NSX Edit


I love everything about this breathtaking edit from Format67… the concept; the cinematography; the grading; the sound design… EVERYTHING. The superb attention to detail reveals a master craftsman at work. This video breaks the barrier between its creator and the viewer in an attempt to capture the soul of the automobile; the soul of racing; and the soul of the enthusiast; to which I think Daniel Michaelis and his crew accomplish a stunning victory.

:: Andy Sapp

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8 Responses

  1. momo

    whaoooo,very very very nicely done sir.i applaude you for a job well done.you should do one for the gt-r,it’s also a very slick and awesome car so can you show you’re awesome skill of directing.

  2. Brandon Scarpelli

    I gotta agree with you Andy! I watched this video almost 10 times the day it was released. Even my girlfriend was in awe over how dramatic and theatrical it was…this video definitely raised the bar for all filmmakers!

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  5. gordcivic

    respect to you sir. very different and artistic film. liked the way you’ve included senna’s quotes. long live the nsx

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