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NEWSWORTHY> Factor X NSX wins Redline Time Attack at Willow

The cars of the Redline Time Attack continue to dominate racetracks all across the country, and at the most recent Redline event at Willow Springs International Raceway, long-standing record lap times were shattered not once, but twice.

Redline Time Attack golden boy Tyler McQuarrie and his Unlimited Class carbon fiber-bodied C-West/BC Honda S2000 showed why they are a dominating force in the time attack scene by running the 2.5-mile “Big Willow” course in 1:20.454 seconds. Not only was that lap time the fastest of the day, it was the fastest ever recorded at Willow Springs International Raceway. With a lap time like that, it seemed safe to say that McQuarrie would walk away with yet another 1st place trophy.

But records, including newly set ones, are made to be broken. Billy Johnson, piloting the lime green Unlimited Class FX Motorsports/Cricket NSX ran the same Big Willow course in just 1:18.555 seconds. For those of you who hate to do math at home, that’s almost  2 seconds faster than McQuarrie. And for those who need help in the art of deductive reasoning, this also means that Johnson walked away with the new track record. But that’s not all Johnson walked away with; he also scored the first-place trophy in Redline Time Attack’s Unlimited Class.

At the end of the day, the Redline Time Attack Unlimited Class results were as follows:

  • 1st: #5 (Johnson) FX Motosports NSX 1:18.555
  • 2nd: #1 (McQuarrie) Cwest s2000 1:20.454
  • 3rd: #489 (Bonarito) Sierra Sierra Evo 1:20.838

There are still seven races left in the Redline Time Attack Series, and the next event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park is just two weeks away. Be sure to check back with us later in the week for our gallery of the Redline Time Attack at Willow Springs International Raceway.

::Justin Kaehler

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11 Responses

  1. Yoda

    Why do I miss stuff like this? Mad drama with two all time track records set in one day – hot cars doing hot things.

  2. Ian J. Brown

    oh woah you guys got this up before speed hunters. epic win! ps. that NSX wets my dreams.

  3. Cornfeed

    that car is crazy the color the body shape and just thwe style of if is crazy i wish i had one

  4. Angry Beaver

    Get the facts straight.

    Billy Johnson FX Motorsports 1:18.555

    Tyler McQuarrie Cwest/BC/Design Craft 1:20.838

  5. Thanks for pointing that out, Angry Beaver. We apologize – we posted lap times based on incorrect information. Thanks for setting us straight! We’ve updated the times to reflect the real results

  6. Also went back and corrected the times in the story…

    Times in the original draft were based on what was posted on the official Redline Twitter account. My guess is, by having to limit everything to 140 characters or less, a few key bits of info were either missing or easy to misinterpret. Allow me to use this comment space to also apologize for the erroneous info…

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