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VIDEO> Colors of the Industry by BowlsLA

Formula D LBC: Colors of the Industry from BOWLS on Vimeo.

This morning, I received a Facebook link from a group of guys who are friends of the MotorMavens Crew. While I certainly thought we weren’t going to run any more videos from Formula D Long Beach on our site (we just can’t run every single video that comes out, you know)… I thought that this video should go up anyway, as the last piece from Long Beach, as we move towards our coverage of Formula D Atlanta.

This video was produced by our friends from Bowls LA. If you don’t know what Bowls is, then you need to step your game up! Bowls LA is one of the coolest shops in Southern Cali, blending streetwear, kicks, and motor-driven lifestyle… located smack dab in the middle of the historic SGV, nestled in between the San Gabriel Valley foothills and the “watch out for door dings and crazy drivers” part of town where everyone goes for Southern Cali’s best Chinese food.

I thought this video was cool, because it was a little different than the normal “car porn” videos that people normally make – this one had a simple, yet different concept. It shows a few of the movers and shakers in the automotive aftermarket industry, and asks a single question… “what’s your favorite car color?”

:: Antonio Alvendia

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22 Responses

  1. Antonio Alvendia

    too bad stupid ass HerbrockOne represented EVERYONE under the sun except for CIPHER GARAGE!

  2. Jwow

    Good footage in the beginning, but…. I think the ending was a waste of time. Who cares what the industry’s favorite color is? What is the point? I’d rather see cars and racing that’s why you goto events like FD. I think they were better off going to girls and asking what color panties they were wearing! HAHAHA Back to the drawing boards BOWLS! Antonio ROCKS!

  3. Antonio Alvendia

    haha you guys are funny! love our readers!

    @Jwow: GREAT IDEA. Maybe for FD Atlanta, I should shoot an in-depth HD documentary film with your idea. “Excuse me Falken ladies, what color panties are you wearing?” “Hey excuse me, Nitto girls, what color are YOU?” LOL.

    but for real, I’m sure we would get a lot of comments on THAT video. I think I’ll just wait until Y.Shindo received his 7D and HE can shoot it.

  4. Al Lagura

    JWOW – you sound like a fucking dork.

    Some people’s ear and eyes are just naked and not seeing and hearing the inspiration of why the bitch is naked.

  5. pholife

    SGV = SSR Finest – repping SSR before SSR was SSR…u know it Mr.A.

    black magic racing fool – MIDENG racing!

    Always remember your ROOTS!

  6. Edward Uche

    My name is Edward Uche representing the MotorMaven Crew and uhhh, my favorite movie is Colors and The Color Purple 😀

  7. James Evins

    I think its funny how everyone picks a simple color and then Antonio breaks out the actual color code and gets all technical…straight PWND all those guys who were just like, “my favorite color is white”

    Then its followed up with a hot chick and a MotorMavens sticker. TOP THAT!

  8. Antonio Alvendia

    @Uche: LOLLLLL what the hell?! So do you mean, you secretly have a thing for Whoopi Goldberg? You down with that badunkadunk huh!

    @J.Evins: HELL YEAH had to keep shit correct with my color code. I get specific! haha have a fun trip to Brazil brotha! BRAZILIAN BOOTY PICS or else we will disown you from the MotorMavens Crew!!! LOL (actually, we’re all pretty serious about that.) HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNN

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