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VIDEO> Motor Mavens SNEAK peek at Lexus LFA

Okay, well… I hope I’m not going to get into too much trouble for this, but I just couldn’t help myself. Ever since I first saw the spy photos of it online, and ever since I first laid my own eyes on it at SEMA, I’ve been absolutely crazy about the Lexus LFA.

Come on… what’s not to love? It’s the epitome of sexy, futuristic, high tech automotive styling and technology… and it’s a Lexus, which means it’s bound to be the most reliable of the luxury supercars. The only problem is, it costs $375K, which leads me to believe that there won’t be any Lexus dealerships letting me test drive one anytime soon. So what do you think a devoted Toyota/Lexus owner (and hyperfan) like me would do when I get a text message saying, “the Lexus LFA just arrived at our warehouse. Come down ASAP if you want to check it out in person.” Naturally, I dropped everything I had to do that day and made my way down to the [secret location] so that I could get a sneak peek at the car in person.

Apparently, the LF-A was temporarily brought to a top secret secured storage facility to keep it safe in between its appearance at SEMA and its big debut at the LA Auto Show this upcoming week. When I saw the car at SEMA, they had round the clock security guards around the car that wouldn’t even let you touch the car, much less sit in it… so when my friend who works at the warehouse texts me and says, “if you want to see the car, come down now cause nobody else will be here,” you absolutely KNOW I’m gonna jump at the chance!

So here’s my first actual encounter with the Lexus LF-A. You’ll have to excuse the crappy video quality, because I was unprepared and I only had a point and shoot pocket camera with me when I went to see the car. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. This car excites the hell out of me. (So you’ll have to excuse how completely unprofessional I am in this video! LOL. I was a bit excited. This video isn’t at all professional automotive journalist-like. But hey… I couldn’t help myself.)

We did a kind of ghetto edit on the glass door of the warehouse so the storage location could remain secret and my friend’s identity could remain secret. Okay, enjoy the video!

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: You’ll have to excuse the ridiculous music that was blaring inside the car. I didn’t know how to turn off the radio! The thing was so complicated with all these buttons and stuff, and I couldn’t even turn down the volume of the radio for some reason.

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36 Responses

  1. Howard

    Wow you guys are crazy for doing that! I can’t believe you had the nerve to just nonchalantly fiddle around with all the switches, pressing all the buttons, etc… Even TURNING ON a car like that! Especially without permission! Love it. You
    guys are incredible and one of my favorite car sites!

  2. @hellfish: yeah, I knew about that event but I wasn’t able to make it unfortunately. I had to be in Hollywood while that was going on. I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t go to say the least.

  3. La Carrera

    Well this wasn’t quite the “sneak peek” video I was expecting, but it was pretty funny. Haha especially the part with the music. Was that country or something? haha

  4. Showa Kuruma

    I agree with om1kron! I want a cluster like that in my car! I wonder how long it will take someone like STACK or DEFI to make a cluster like that.

    That was a pretty funny video. You were right, you DID appear totally unprofessional (haha) but that’s how REAL car guys would react to a car like that anyway. Excited like a little kid on Christmas. I know I’d have the same reaction.

  5. JonathanSit

    One of the nicesest cars in recent years. Thanks for the video Antonio! I hope they bring the price down to realistic levels… $150k is about right for that car.

  6. Shuriken

    Antonio – you looked hella couped up in that car. You’re gonna have to cut yourself in half to be comfortable in one of those things when you finally manage to get one! LOL!

  7. Cornfed

    Man that video was funny that car is sick but ur rite who would leave the keys inside of a car like that.the best part is when ur push the button and u hear the music on the radio and are like who listens to this that was a great video keep it up and motormavens in he best

  8. @Shuriken: I know, I know… damn I need to lose weight! Hell, it was pretty damn comfortable, but I know I do look like I was squished into it. hahaha just imagine when I’m driving my TE27 with the authentic TRD Japan fiberglass race bucket seats from the 70s! I look way too big for that car. but I don’t care. I love it.

  9. Beyond the fact that the car is amazing, I love how you seem like a kid in a candy store. You don’t know what you should or shouldn’t touch or how anything works. Oh, and I love the gauge cluster. Thanks for the behind the scenes look. I hope I even SEE one of these someday.

  10. haha thanks guys… I’m glad you guys feel me on this. I was just ridiculously excited to have some alone time with the LFA… just imagine how giddy I’d probably feel when I’m actually able to try one out on a racetrack.

    Oh and apparently, I just got an email from a Public Relations Manager from the Lexus Corporate Office in response to them seeing this video on the internet.

    kinda scared to open it.

  11. @BlueSlug: It was a good 4-5 feet. Haha it was locked in a warehouse with a crazy alarm gate thing. I only got to drive it in a circle… but hey, I still got to drive it. (even though it was without permission) Not complaining.

  12. Igmeister

    shit is ridiculous…now thats what I called guerrilla journalism…love the cluster, and the sound, but the reverse button is kinda meh tho, does it have a shifter?

  13. Ryan

    Lol pinoy power :) Good job though I won’t be surprised if your friend gets fired and that warehouse can even get sued lol. They’re very careful about stuff like this getting released to the public before they launch it.

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