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VIDEO> Raw and Uncut From Ebisu Circuit

AWFILMS | GOES TO EBISU! | RAW from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Here’s just a little teaser from this weekend! The universal MotorMavens Crew was out in full force this weekend. Within the course of two days, the members of our crew hit up FIVE different automotive events, and we’ll be presenting the images to you over the course of the next few days!

However, right now we wanted to give you just a little taste of WHY we love Japan’s Ebisu Circuit. Ebisu Circuit is the epicenter of grassroots drifting culture in Japan. Right this moment, MotorMavens Northwest video shooter Abbitt Wilkerson is up at Ebisu Circuit filming and enjoying the Fukushima countryside. Here’s some raw clips of what he’s capturing up at the Holy Land of Drifting.

:: Antonio Alvendia

AW Films on Vimeo
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