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VIDEO> Through the eyes of a child

Formula D Irwindale 2009 Rd 7 “Judgement Day” from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

It seems that most of the videographers who made it to Formula D Irwindale have been finishing up the edits on their videos this week. While many of our readers are already familiar with a lot of the “normal videographers” that travel to all the stops on the Formula D circuit, I thought I’d shine a light on a certain young videographer from the Pacific Northwest named Abbitt Wilkerson.

Devout Motor Mavens readers might recognize his name, as Abbitt is the guy behind all the AW Films drifting videos that have been popping up on Vimeo and the owner of a particular sick stanced Subaru Impreza WRX STi that has been the topic of some controversy on the site. (haha!) Abbitt is still relatively new to the car scene, as he only recently began driving and he is just starting his video production career. He’s still building up his skills and experience, because as Abbitt will be the first to tell you – HE’S ONLY SEVENTEEN! Not bad for a high school kid.

Believe it or not, there have been quite a few people on the internet that were actually hating on Abbitt and his aggressively stanced STi, saying he’s just a spoiled kid who had the luxury of getting everything paid for by his parents. It’s funny, because when I mentioned it to him at Irwindale, he got pretty defensive about it, insisting that he works his ass off to hustle enough money to pay for his car and his camera equipment.

Whatever the case may be, he gets respect from ME because while most seventeen year old kids are wasting their lives playing video games and watching TV, Abbitt is actually doing something productive, working two jobs so he can afford to build his car and filming as much as he can so that he can constantly improve his skills in shooting and editing video. Sheesh, I wish I was that productive when I was seventeen. I didn’t do ANYTHING but take pictures and listen to hip hop.

Props, A-dub!

:: Antonio Alvendia

AW Films

Seventeen Magazine LOL

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  1. Sam

    Nice job, dipset all day! I like how you can actually hear the cars unlike in the more professional guy’s videos.

  2. I’m jealous cuz he’s 17 and has two jobs, a dope ride and money to buy equipment to make films, whereas I’m 18 and have no jobs, a POS and no money. Lucky young’n – in _my_ day…

  3. Umai Kakudo

    Abbitt has the skills and has done more for the Northwest drift scene than 90% of the people out there.

    He is not lucky. He is driven, has initiative, and works hard to achieve his goals and it is people like him that are the backbone of the sport and make things happen.

    Keep up the good work! I fully expect great things from this kid!

  4. “through the eyes of a child” awesome.

    That was really a great flick Abbit, major props man… and good use of the fisheye with that matty-shot up against the wall. lookin slick! keep up the good work kiddo!


  5. Abbitt has a talent, never-the-less. I asked him a couple weeks ago, “So when are you going to swoop into Sun Dance and cause a ruckus?” I also tried to convince him to hit up Mt Baker, Stevens and Snoqualmie Pass and produce a video to submit to all the local film festivals we have up here in WA.


  6. zack G!

    we talked last night abbit, ill use a short sweet edited version of what i sent you like night, this edit. knocks my socks off and it makes me really happy when i watch it :) wanna give me one of your jobs, joblessness SUCKS

  7. Jon Jaffe

    Nice one Abbit! you know my favorite thing about your videos is how they keep the snow/skate/alternative sport video vibe. keep it up junya boss!

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  9. Collins

    I love the work. Showing that yung-uns can do it too, congratulations Abbitt, hopefully I’ll meet you sometime. Keep reppin the Northwest scene.

    One question though, what song was that? Love the Dipset.

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