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WEBMINING> A Shakotan Odyssey

Here’s a video I got from my boy Travis that had me and some of my boys on the East Coast straight trippin. We just don’t see stuff like this over here too often – especially not when we have potholes as big as moon craters that suck up whole caravans of cars without so much as a burp. If this is how they roll in Japan, I’m sold – I’m completely down with citizenship.

I spent way too much time just watching it over and over with my mouth hanging open – it’s so short and when you see the camber and fitment on the Odyssey…INCREDIBLE! It’s the little things that mean so much. I mean, it’s one thing to slam a car and hard park it – but, driving it on the highway like these guys is another thing entirely. Whoever these guys are – they get mad love for KILLIN this Odyssey shakotan-style! And whatever that is running with the Odyssey – DOPE!

Take a second and snatch a peak. It’s like those chips – betcha can’t watch just once!

::Avon Bellamy

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12 Responses

  1. Saw this a few months ago, it’s pretty rediculous. The video and van remind me of the Cedric that’s painted pretty similar to this one. I forget the companies name who built that Cedric though.

  2. Yup…the roads in every other first world country are light years beyond ours.
    Hell even the roads in some third world countries are better than ours.
    I am willing to bet that if we had the roads, we could have just as low of cars.

    but ya that Oddy is hella pimp!

  3. Dylan

    Love this Odyssey, I remember when it was posten on Crazu Knights a while back. I don’t understand how Japan manages to keep their roads so good. Climate I guess.

  4. Dom J

    Im gonna start a family just to buy an Odyssey now…

    Man, next time I think about wanting to buy a benz truck or some other SUV to fit more ppl into, I’m gonna watch this video! One day….one day haha

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