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SLS AMG DTM, OMG! This morning when I was checking my email, I noticed that AdamB18C, one of our readers, sent an email in telling us about the new race car concept rendering of the Mercedes SLS AMG DTM that was just rendered by Mattro Design.

It’s no secret that several of us in the Motor Mavens camp are infatuated by the sleek, sexy lines of the SLS AMG, so seeing a DTM inspired mockup of the car definitely has us hyped!

In the rendering, a careful eye will show that Mattro has revised the following:

-Front fascia, grill
-Echoes of the 1950s 300SL Panamericana paint scheme above the headlights, BUT carbon fiber vents instead
-Headlight modification with yellow LEDs added
-Front splitter
-Front canards
-Vent “gill” removals
-Rear spoiler
-Trunk mod (BMW Vorsteiner CSL style)
-Race mirrors
-Race Decals/Paint scheme
-Modified rockers
-Side exhaust (fire included)

Also, check out the cool shift knobs on sale at the Mattro Design website. I think they’re pretty cool because they actually have weight, which gives a better shifting feeling (in my opinion anyway). I have a pretty large collection of shift knobs for my cars, and I gotta say, I tend to prefer the heavier shift knob, especially since the TRD shifter on my AE86 rattles like crazy since TRD removed the weight in the actual shifter. There are some times that more weight in a car are desirable, and in my opinion, this is one of them. I think I’m going to try one of those Mattro shift knobs out.

::Antonio Alvendia

Mattro Design
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  1. La Carrera

    That’s weird, I can see the photo just fine on my computer. I’d love to see the SLS with a crazier aero kit, with big cut outs and fenders, like the DTM Audis or something!

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