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WEBMINING> AE86 Lap Battle in Okayama

While we’re still hurrying to post our photos and video footage from JCCS, I took a moment to do what I love to do best (surf the web), I came across this video of the lap battle that takes place during the All Japan AE86 Festival on the Okayama International Circuit. Surrounded by awesome AE86s all day – you gotta love it, it’s an AE86er’s dream.

The Lap battle is a part of the Challenge Cup takes place at this annual hachiroku festival. The Challenge Cup is a gateway for anyone wishing to compete and want to move up into semi-pro racing. There are typically 8 rounds held during the season, and all of them take place at Okayama. Enjoy the sights, sounds and action of these sick AE86s screaming around the track.

:: Travis Hodges

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  1. Anakin

    DOPE! I loved everything about this vid. The style of the AE’s, the offset, the audio, even the fast paced commentary – although I didn’t understand a word – it still managed to convey a great deal of excitement and energy. Thumbs up on the find Travis!

  2. rich elizaga

    Awesome find Travis! Watching this vid was just as exciting as the Starlet vid, but more so! I’ve fallen for the AE86 body style seeing all the coverage you guys are breaking out with! Great stuff man!

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