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WEBMINING> Diary of a Serial Tire Killer

Motor Mavens has never really featured any “build videos” on the site before, but today as I was browsing the internet looking for information about MX83 Cressidas, 5-speed swaps, and 1JZ swaps… I found this video, from the Serial Nine guys in Canada. This has GOT to be the most entertaining, amateur made “build video” I’ve ever seen. Yep, gotta love those amateur videos. Wait… what? Oh… umm, well I mean the video is informative, but it’s funny at the same time! The Serial Nine crew definitely looks like they’d be fun to kick it with.

So what do you guys think…? Some of us were thinking of having a little fun by building a Motor Mavens project car on a BUDGET. Ideally, the car would be inexpensive and also daily drivable on the street without much hassle from cops. Just brainstorming, some of us were talking about maybe building an FC or an S13… but this video is sparking some MX83 dreams… what do you guys think? MX83 build? Yay or nay?

:: Motor Mavens

The Beginning of SERIALNINE. from SERIALNINE on Vimeo.

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  1. I dunno about the video personally but I definitely think yay on a Cressida build, they’re cheap and different in a world of S13s. Plus, 1Js are the goods.

  2. zack geng yo!

    man Gerard’s car is nuts, the amount of effort into his car and his products is unreal, shout out to G, Keep on trucken!.

  3. Hey Mike Peters!

    When I first read your comment saying “FB” I kept thinking… what? Facebook? But LOL I just realized you were talking about first gen FB/SA22C RX7s. hahaha but as much as I like those, esp the 1984 GSL SE… dude… I just don’t know if I could fit into one of those things. LOL

    Hmmm… a VAN would be a real cool photo shoot vehicle for the Mavens crew! Hmmmm….!!!!!

  4. i dunno, i know a fairly big dude who drives a fb. go try one on =P

    i fucking love fb’s, i have a thing for popups, though. and if you do a T2 swap, the bastards move.

    cressidas are cool too, whatever floats yer boat. though if you’re thinking no hassle from the cops, i dunno if s13 or fc are the way to go. they are kinda sporty and “racey” looking to avoid additional attencion de la policia.

  5. rich elizaga

    This vid was hilarious!! But not too sure you all would fit in one of these things! My aunt had one and their fam would never get to all hop in this thing, much more with me tagging along. But the van idea sounds sick! A van with a 1JZ? More power to you!!

  6. Edward Uche

    FC….because I own one and they’re the shit. Turbo 13bt and it’s a wrap….high revs and fun for days.

  7. rich elizaga

    @Edward Uche: I’m totally down with you about FC’s, especially 13bt (btw 4 or 6 port?). But you gotta admit – as Richard Rabe put it: “this car is gangster”!!! 😉

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