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WEBMINING> BMW E38 740iL Slammed Sedan

BMW E38 740iL slammed VIP sedan Bimmerfest

I first saw this slammed E38 BMW 740iL luxury sedan at the Bimmerfest in Pasadena this year. I’ve always loved the E38 body style, with its super long, wide chassis. However, I gotta admit… I was pretty impressed when I saw this particular E38 sedan. Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough… but I’ve honestly never seen a lower E38 sedan than this one.

I love the way it looks from the back! The E38 has such a nice looking body style! In fact, I’d love to daily drive an E38 long wheelbase BMW myself if the car’s gas consumption wasn’t so damn outrageous. Screw it though… let’s put all thoughts of practicality aside for just a moment, and just admire this 740iL from behind. What a great looking piece of ass. Classy too!

BMW E38 740iL slammed VIP sedan Bimmerfest

This shot here shows the lip on the wheels, and the fitment. I really like the addition of the rear lip wing on the roof too. Simple and understated.

BMW E38 740iL slammed VIP sedan Bimmerfest

There you go. Mean from the front. What if you looked in the rear view mirror, and you saw this car rapidly approaching, closing in on your rear bumper with its headlights and foglights glaring menacingly? Damn right… you’d GTFO of the way.

BMW E38 740iL slammed VIP sedan Bimmerfest

Here’s another rear shot of the car. The funniest thing is the fact that I didn’t even shoot these images. I found them on Craigslist, because this big baller Bimmer is for sale! If you think you have what it takes to be aggressive, yet executive, then click on this link and contact the owner of the car for a test drive.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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37 Responses

  1. Amazing ride. Always been a fan of the car and the photography the owner does. Glad it’s getting some exposure, it sure needed it. Too bad he is selling it though!

  2. Chris Bolger

    You should have left the text on the license plate – I’m sure the owner doesn’t care.

    It says “SLAMBER”.

  3. @ Elvis: So sorry man. I honestly didn’t mean to diss you. I just have about 34598735982347234 emails coming in per day, plus trying to balance the workload of editing photos and stories for the site. I still haven’t gotten a chance to catch up yet because I have to deal with the needs of my clients first. Sorry man, I’m working on it!


    Talk about “FREE ADVERTISEMENT” !!! ………That car is sofa king dope…………I would buy that chit if I lived closer and needed a daily…………right now I drvie a Big Body Benz……..89 260e and love it !!! I got about 2k in it and it turns heads roun town.

  5. It’s all good Ant, I understand the hectic schedule. Just hit me up when things settle down. Would love to do something, still. Take care, you’re doing a good job with the site.

  6. It’s interesting to see how much rake is in the car to even out the height of the front/rear wheel wells.

    It’s a shame the rockers and the rocker edge of the fenders are crushed though.

    It goes with being low. Beautiful car.

  7. LOL @ Jim.

    @Teknik22: Sorry man, we don’t have wallpaper sized versions of these photos. I got the pics off a Craigslist ad! We’re working on putting a Wallpaper section up though!

  8. thedarkness

    Just bought one and would love to know what I need to buy to make it look just as good or better than this one! This car is sickkk!

  9. Ahh, mojo’s old car. He’s running Fk coilovers on it to get it that low, as well using smaller 18″ tires on it to allow for clearance. Mine’s not QUITE that low, though I’d love it to be (and I’m white, to. How about that).

    Antonio, you said:

    “In fact, I’d love to daily drive an E38 long wheelbase BMW myself if the car’s gas consumption wasn’t so damn outrageous”

    I do daily drive my E38 740iL. Highway fuel mileage nears 30 mpg at 75 mph. Around town it’s down around 20, but it’s really not costly to run. And it doesn’t require premium fuel, either.

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  12. Xfreak

    Really amazed of the pics. The hard look of the front is a pure masterpiece, no questions asked! Is it just me or is the right foglight removed? Perfect for a simple CAI-mod if that’s the case

  13. Scott

    way better than the fluid motorunion piece of crap. what spells out trash more than a newer model black primered car with fake ugly gold wheels that’s computer tuned on a stock engine with an exhaust?

  14. Farshad

    E38, 30MPG combined? seriously? are you sure you are not driving Honda Civic? By the way, anybody knows what the brand of the mags ?

  15. trevor

    what lowering system and dimentions where use on this, i am looking to lower my 750 and i love this look.

  16. Khaled

    Hey , I writing from Tunisia and I found your car I’m really in love with e38’s I got one and I’m working on it I lowered it got a plates from California for the style and I’m searching for the specification of your rims and wheels cause they’re dope if anyone could help me I would be so grateful thank you . Peace

  17. Nrzan

    I got a slammed E39 myself 😀 still needs some work but damn, I love this thing 😀 :) one day I will have to buy one of those aswel 😀

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