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WEBMINING> Bosozoku Donuts

Shark noses, crazy multi-pipe exhausts, fender mirrors, crazy paint jobs, loud exhaust tones, small/wide wheels with stretched tires, custom rear wings and sideskirts… and a whole lot of fun! This is what attracts us to these Bosozoku/Yanki style cars!

When I first saw these cars, I didn’t really like them because the crazy paint and body and exhausts weren’t my style at the time… but I’ve honestly grown to love these types of cars a lot! After all, this is authentic Japanese car culture at its finest…

I’m not sure where this video was shot, but it looks a lot like Ebisu West course. For more info and photos of these types of cars, make sure to check out Banpei‘s website, BosozokuStyle! I hope you have a few hours to kill, because I couldn’t stop going through all the pages on his blog! AWESOME.

:: Antonio Alvendia


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  1. I know I shouldn’t like that red 4×4 as much as I do, but dammit I just don’t care.
    And I think I’ve figured these out – they seem to be the Japanese version of the donk. Think about it – they’re a strange minority of the national car culture, not really respected by the general culture, kind of an eyesore, but you always stare at them when they pass by like a slo-mo train wreck.

  2. @Jeremy: Oh no, if the Bosozoku cars are supposed to be DONKS, then I wonder if someone’s gonna start a new magazine called “Bosozoku, Box & Bubble” oh hell.

    I hope the bosozoku guys dont ghost ride their whips.

  3. MaydayJohnP

    There is too much win going on between 0:28 – 0:48, seriously made me smile watching this at the office. I always wondered, are the automotive Bosozoku guys the older version of the early 80’s style motorcycle Bosozoku gear heads?

  4. Thanks for the feature Antonio! :)

    @Jeremy I think donks come quite near the zokusha, but donks try to make their cars beautiful as possible while those bosozoku deliberately try to make their car look as worst as possible.
    @MaydayJohnP: The motorcycle bosozoku existed alongside but had separate gangs. The automotive bosozoku exist since the early 70s and became a really big widespread subculture during the late 80s and early 90s.

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