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WEBMINING> Club EPS Works B310 Sunny

I was randomly browsing the internet over the past few days, and noticed this photo on the BeeOneOneOh blog in New Zealand, which I only recently found…. very cool site! Seeing these two vintage Nissans line up together on a track is super cool. Old school Nissan power… two generations of Nissan Sunny together at the same time.  In the front, we have the Club EPS Works Sunny from the TS Cup. Don’t you just love those old school Advan Racing A3A wheels? Especially in BLACK with the red outlines.

I used to have a set of those wheels, but had to sell them when I was raising money to buy my TE27. Sigh… I loved those wheels, but it was a worthy cause. It’s so lucky that the owner of this B310 Sunny has a set of these wheels… and they have such great sizes too! They fit perfectly underneath the works flares; finding aggressive sizes of Advan Racing wheels is very rare indeed. I love satin black Advan Racing A3A wheels!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia


Club EPS Technical Factory

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12 Responses

  1. Wheel geek, wheel geek!!! haha Dude, we need to see a pic of your collection. Those Sunny’s are cool! I wish the 70’s-80’s boxy lines would come back. This futuristic crap is lame. :) Imagine how cool they could make the TE27 or AE86 with today’s technology. 200hp factory n/a 4 cylinders (ala Honda K20 and 30mpg), IRS and RWD, 2500lbs (with airbags to boot), aluminum and frp hoods, trunks, roofs, fenders and on and on. If only shmucks didn’t run auto design deptartments. :)

  2. …but you know that I absolutely hate Honda K20 powered AE86s right? It’s like taking the soul right out of the car. K20s are great, but I say leave it in a Honda.

    When it comes to AE86s, I’m too much of a purist (and probably not much fun I suppose). I understand that financially it makes sense for people to use K20s and SR20s in AE86s, but I just personally hate the idea.

    And seeing a K20 in a TE27 will make me want to strangle someone.

    I hella don’t care about IRS in a RWD Corolla either. If someone wants IRS in an old car, I think they should buy a 510.

    I kinda love outdated 1970s car technology… it’s one reason why I love Jan’s mockup of his 240Z project so much. It’s totally my style. And it’s period correct for the most part (the only thing not period correct is the perfect stance, which is a NEWER thing)

  3. @AA I know you hate K20’s in anything but a Honda. :) I understand where you’re coming from…I was more dreaming what the new FT-86 could be. I guess its going to have a nice spec sheet. I wonder how much it will weigh. My biggest peeve about new cars is the weight. I just want a 2400lbs rwd naturally aspirated 4 cylinder 2 or 4 door that gets 30mpg. But a suby EJ20 in a Toyota? ha ha I can hear the hate boiling. But seriously, I guess there are definite pluses and minuses of going retro style like the Mustang/Camaro/Challenger have done in the last couple years.

    I hear ya on the old car tech. It has so much more character/style/life in it.

  4. i agree on the honda engines in older toyotas haha.
    But i think he means toyota and other companies going to the simple formula of less = more…
    kinda like what toyota is doing now with the ft86 or whatever, but more retro looking…

    i for one would love for nissan to put the R32 GTR back into production haha.

    i’ll stop blabbing now :)

  5. Erick, exactly what I was trying to say. ha ha My problem is I’d be driving an AE86 or older Corolla/Celica but I have 4 kids and the wife requires that my ride has airbags for safety. So, that rules out even fun to drive cars like the Miata. I just need Toyota/Nissan/someone to build me a simple, light, fun car to drive. Apparently that’s too much to ask. Keeping hopes alive with the FT86…I’ll shut it now 😉

  6. Showa Kuruma

    So awesome, that Sunny.

    Hechtspeed, so your wife requires that you get a 4door for the kids, with airbags.

    Simple solution: 4door Toyota Crown and SLAM IT to the ground on air suspension. Problem solved. =)

  7. Showa Kuruma

    OR if you need something newer, maybe a Nissan Stagea wagon (still kind of heavy) or an ER34 Skyline 4door. I think those have airbags, don’t they?

  8. @ Showa, yes airbags are a must, its sad but true. No ’29 Model A Sedan family hauler or AE86 hatch :( I’ve decided on a WRX. With snow up here in Utah, a suby is perfect. Not superlight weight, but a nice reliable, fun all season hot rod. :) Plus, I can rock some rotas and have wrong fitment. Rota Flame suit on. lol

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