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WEBMINING> Oh G's! Toyota FT86 in Detail!

I really gotta give major props to Taro and the GT Channel crew! This is the very first video I’ve ever seen that shows the details of the G’s Toyota FT86 G Sports Concept that debuted at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. I was pretty sad that I wasn’t able to make it at first, because when I searched the web, I saw a cornucopia of wack photos of the car (you may laugh at my usage of the word cornucopia, but hey, it’s better than saying a sh!t ton of wack photos)… but this video actually does the car justice.

We can finally see the details, all close and personal! Domo arigatou gozaimashita to the GT Channel crew for giving us the inside look, and posting up the video so quickly! Otsukare sama deshita! Great job.

What I want to know now is… how many AE86ers will be lining up at the Toyota dealerships to buy an FT86 now?

Me personally, I’m not too stoked on the fact that it’ll be coming out with a Subaru boxer engine in it… I wish it had a high revving engine with a Toyota/Yamaha twincam G head, to keep it true to the feel of a real AE86… Either way, I can’t wait to test drive one to see if it really feels like one of the AE86s in my collection or if it just feels like some sort of FR WRX. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Please voice your opinion on the FT86… I’m curious to see what our readers think!

:: AntonioE86 Alvendia

GT Channel

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15 Responses


    Aw man, I seriously want this car. In this trim, that is an intercooler, turbo time! I’ma start saving up as soon as I stop buying crap, ha ha.

  2. NiceGuyMike

    Not sure if what i am about to say is biased due to the anticipation of Rx7 coming back to life, but the ft86 looks more like the makings of that (Rx7). The back lines of the car resemble the lines of the fc, and the front looks like the nose of the rx8 but smoothed out, especially in the arches of the wheel well. Than again its just a thought.

  3. ImprezaKing

    Das DOPE! As you might imagine Antonio, the Subaru boxer engine doesn’t bother me at all. I really like the lines on this car.

  4. Anthony

    I’m with Scottie on this, the price just seems to keep climbing higher and higher. At first they were going “Oh we’ll make it for below $20,000” then $20k turned into $22k, and then $24k….now it’s getting too close to $28k and still at 180hp? if this is the case, no thanks. If it’s at $28k I’ll get a STI, or a Mustang. Or find a Corolla and dump that cash into it.

    Toyota, if you’re reading this, you will make money hand over fist if you keep it right around $19,000-$21,000!!!

  5. This concept is getting further and further from where it started on the drawing board and what the Corolla community was asking for. I want it light as possible, power NOTHING, $20k range, and simple as pie. This is not a LFA, it’s not a Skyline, it’s not an IS-F. We’re tired of “sports cars” that are too expensive to drive hard. No one should have to pay $35K+ to have fun in a new car.

    180hp….that’s fine. If you’ve owned an AE86 you probably aren’t interested in HP. It’s called a clutch-kick and drive as if you’re testing the rev limiter for flaws. Anything with “86” in the name should pay homage to the AE86, like it was intended, and be able to sport VERY NEGATIVE offset wheels. None of this 240sx sizing…sorry Nissan guys, but I like my wheels 10″ wide, -30 offset range….anything less is just a “spare wheel”.

    Not a big fan of the “Nissan Styling” of this particular FT86. I’d much rather have the one on the cover of Option Mag.

    Check it out Antonio—->


  6. Mike

    Its nice but i kinda lost the AE86 touch to it…it needs an inline 4…i understand why it didnt get any retro aspects for the cosmetics cuz its not an old car…but boxer engine?!?!….i guess they didnt want to make another s2k…it gonna be something to see in the streets though

  7. John G.

    To answer your question, Antonio: maybe.

    It depends on whether or not toyota and subaru managed to capture the essence (soul?) of the original. In my case, the little blue corolla I subject myself to on a daily basis just to be rewarded tenfold by those brief moments of unbridled awesome that you just can’t get with anything else. It raises the question: how does this thing make you FEEL?

    The engine not being sourced from toyota, frankly, doesn’t really matter. Why? It really comes down to the same thing: does it excite you the way the 4AGE does? does it have the same willingness to rev? that yappy neurotic excitement it exudes like some chicks purse dog? it damn well better.

    That being said, I’m glad I can see some AE86 DNA, regardless of how stylized it is. I have a hard time not liking those swoopy redlines they came up with, not to mention how much the side windows remind me of the coupe.

    I for one am very excited for a test drive, but there’s really no way to tell if I, or anyone else for that matter, is going to want to shell out for this…the potential is most definitely there, however :)

  8. Anthony

    it’s not really the power I’ve a problem with, the thing keeps growing fatter as well, I thought they were going to try to keep it around 2300-2400lbs, it seems like it’s going to be at 2600-2700 by the time they get done!

    If it’s still in my price range when it comes out, I’ll be one of the first ones at the dealer to trade the Yaris in on it, if it excites me the way the AE86’s that I’ve ridden in have excited me, I’ll find a way to make it work. I’ve almost wondered why isnt it smaller and using a transplanted 1NZ or a 2RZ motor instead of Subaru’s EJ-series though. But, I’m not the manufacturer, I’ll speak with my wallet when it does come out.

  9. 86Alvendia,
    Well, I was super excited when I first saw concept pictures and specs. Of course, we all thought it was going to be an exact modern replica, or hoped it would. YOu know, 180-200hp, 2400-2500lbs, rwd and sell for $19999. I’d like to see it in person or at least next to a known car to get a feel for its size. The smaller the better.
    I test drove a Genesis last summer and it was a dog or a pig, not sure which. It was slow, big, heavy. It looks great, feels nice inside, but didn’t inspire me to drive it hard.
    Jury is still out on the FT86, but I’m willing to give it a serious look when it arrives at the Toyubaru dealers. :)

  10. So far I love the car. I just hope it doesn’t change too much more. I loved exactly how it looked when I first saw it. I’m highly considering buying one once they come out as long as the price stays around $25k!

  11. “Toyburu.” Priceless. The EJ engine may not be as easy to work on as 4A or an SR, but I have driven EJs for years and they are great engines. So I must say that doesn’t disappoint me in the least.

  12. ae71rolla

    The only thing I don’t like about this car is that looks like a freakn Nissan GT-R!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UNDER $25k TOYOTA!!!
    @ NiceGuyMike-it looks like an RX-7/8?!?!?! Did someone slip you some ACID?!?! Cuz, WOW, not @ all!! ROTFLMAO!!!! I love rotary power!! And I’m worried that the new 7 might follow in the foot steps of the RX-8’s styling. UGH!!! (not that I don’t like the RX-8, its just that the FD was/is, PERFECTION)

  13. loneracer-SK

    i totally agree with u Antionio, i love the car, but not feeling the boxer in it, i hope it makes up for it with a low center of gravity feel. well anyway i really wish they would kept it with the ZZ code engine way (a rwd version of course) …. but we’ll see..

  14. KoukiR32

    I honestly think this is a very good steps that Toyota took in order to satisfy the lack of existence of a affordable FR for quite sometime now. And I guess if you ask me anything I would want more from this is instead of the boxer4. I think it should be something along the line with a 3S-GE Beams or the now defunct 2ZZ-FE powering the rear wheel instead. But that just me….

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