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WEBMINING> Katsuhiro Ueo Hachiroku battles!

While searching for great footage of AE86s in honor of Hachiroku day, our goal was to find something a little different, maybe some racing footage. We came across this Katshuhiro Ueo video that 86 John did an awesome remix of. Ueo always provided sick AE86 action and we couldn’t resist this video – there is some epic driving going on! Ueo’s dope skills and the nimble handling the AE86 are something to behold. Don’t forget to Check out Steven Starr’s video posts for more Hachiroku action. Enjoy!

:: MotorMavens

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  1. UEO FTW. Taniguchi must hate him! Made him crash that Hyper silvia so many times! lol

    Side note: Awesome vid! This is what we need more of. Slow motion and music is so 2008, lol.

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