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WEBMINING> The Gauntlet with Herron

More incredible Formula Drift action through the eyes of Joshua Herron! I can remember a time when the only footage you would see from FD events would be cellphone-quality clips from the crowd on YouTube. It is so awesome to see edits like these… and through the eyes of so much talent. Guys like Joshua and Will are constantly pushing the envelope with these videos. They set the benchmark for what I think event coverage should be, and I can’t WAIT to see more!

:: Andy Sapp


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  1. There are a few moments of this vid that are just golden! At 2:05 when he’s panning in the Falken tent, the colors are sooo good. I enjoyed seeing the Bergenholtz RX-8 footage for the first time too. Well done Josh!

  2. anakin

    For me the twilight shots with the cars sliding from patches of light through pools of shadow was mind altering. I kept rewinding – suffering from a mild case of Stendhal’s Syndrome.

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