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Formula D New Jersey 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention to Motor Mavens at all, you’ll know that everyone that contributes to this site is a fan of our homie Will Roegge‘s videos. And anyone who knows me personally will know that I’m extremely picky and critical of photographs and videos (especially my own). This being said, I don’t often pay compliments photo or video projects unless I really, really mean it. Damn right, I’m picky with photos. This is the part of my personality that makes me always strive to work hard and keep improving my own photos and technique.

As technology improves and HD cameras get cheaper and cheaper, it seems like everyone out there thinks they’re a “photographer” or “videographer.” Being a really good photographer or videographer requires a lot of talent – I believe it’s extremely important for still and video shooters to have a certain sense of artistic VISION – having a good photographic eye is definitely important. However, even more important perhaps than artistic vision, is a strong work ethic.

I’m mentioning “strong work ethic” because I think it’s just not good enough to have the latest Canon digital SLR or Panasonic/Sony/Red/Canon HD video camera (insert any brand here). A 5D Mark II doesn’t produce good photos; a good photographer with a good eye and a good amount of experience does. After all, we’ve all seen plenty of garbage photos shot by people using Canon 1D and 5D series cameras, and there are plenty of horrible car videos out on DVD or on the internet! And Heaven knows, the last thing in the world we need is another crappy-looking drifting video. It’s not flattering to drifting as a culture or as a sport!

So props to our boy Will for having an awesome eye and the type of strong work ethic that has him constantly putting out drifting videos that DON’T suck – the types of videos that constantly give you different viewpoints and different perspectives that the other videographers with more expensive equipment failed to notice.

Big props and THANKS go to Will for the best video footage from Wall Speedway I’ve seen to date. (And we can’t wait to see the sick footy that’s currently being edited by another one of our favorite shooters from Sin City!) I challenge all other photographers and videographers to beat THIS!

Enjoy the video, and turn your speakers up!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. mr. x

    agreed. we need this kind of hi quality vid to improve the image of the sport… anyone can just pull out a crappy 3mp camera and throw a clip on youtube.

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