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CARSPOTTING> Our Favorite Cars at SEMA 2011

mercedes benz, bmw

SEMA Show is here! Here at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there are still quite a few vendors and car builders doing last minute prep work at their respective booths. As I walked amidst the hustle and bustle of the 2011 SEMA Show, I’ve been “live blogging” by posting photos of cars that caught my eye! Follow @MOTORMAVENS on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook so you can see our favorite cars only moments after we spot them ourselves!

Of course, EVERYONE has been hypebeasting about the newly built Porsches by Rauh Welt Begriff. As excited as I am to see RWB Porsches in the USA for the first time, people-in-the-know have already been following the builds online… so I decided not to lead off with those photos for our SEMA coverage. We’ll be posting more about Rauh Welt soon enough… but since everyone knows what the RWB Porsches look like, let’s have a look at some of the other stylish cars at this year’s SEMA!

Up above, I couldn’t take my eyes off this clean white Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG! Dammit, this thing is gorgeous! I or one of the other MotorMavens Crew members will definitely post more photos of the car soon.

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

While it hasn’t been getting the type of hype that the Rauh Welt cars have been receiving, I just had to stop to admire this breathtakingly gorgeous Porsche 996 from Evolution Motorsports in Tempe Arizona. Sitting on Work Meister S1 wheels, and clean, simple bodywork, this black beauty looks like a perfect street car.

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

Check out the exhaust too… I just love beveled dual tip exhausts. So clean and classy!

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

I’m not sure the year of this particular car, but I just love the clean, classic bodylines of a 1964-1965 Lincoln Continental. It’s definitely on my want list, for my ideal dream garage!

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

Walking through the South Hall last night, I spotted this new Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador at the Pirelli booth. It looks aggressive and mean! Last night was the first time I’ve ever seen an Aventador up close…

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

Check out the front end- this thing definitely looks like a space ship!

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

I was pretty surprised at the contrast of cars in the Kenda Tire booth. They had an SCCA Ferrari F430 race car parked right next to a super clean V8 powered kouki S14. The security guys were kicking everyone out of the exhibit halls, so I wasn’t able to see the S14 up close, but it looked like a ridiculously clean build.

SEMA 2011 Las Vegas Convention Center Best Cars

SEMA veterans know that the best place to valet your car is at the Renaissance Hotel. It’s only steps away from the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall, which is where all the wheel and tire manufacturers have their booths. As I walked back to the Renaissance to pick up my car, my eyes were drawn to this white Bugatti Veyron in the Platinum Motorsport booth. There are so many damn Platinum cars at SEMA, they created their own #PML hashtag, with stickers posted on the windshields of all the cars. While I don’t know the owners of Platinum personally, I’m friends with one of their attractive young employees named Beverly, so I gotta show support for the Platinum crew!

These photos should whet your appetite for more of our upcoming SEMA posts, so I think it’s time for me to leave the media center and shoot more photos of cars! More photos coming VERY soon! Make sure to FOLLOW @MOTORMAVENS on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook – we’ll be posting tons of car photos, and behind the scenes happenings from SEMA and its afterparties, so follow along with us in real time!

Time for me to shoot more photos!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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20 Responses

  1. JacobPhoto

    The 240SX in the Kenda Tires boooth is an S13 with an S14 front end, and was built by Joey and the Wrecked Magazine crew. The car has an E-rod LS3 conversion, full FD-roll cage, and is leady to lock!

  2. Jonathan McWhorter

    @Ray: My guess would be that since that it is a SEMA car, it’s not entirely stock. So it’s very likely that the hood and bumper, among many other things are much different than how they would appear in the showroom. As for the ‘crookedness’ of the LEDs, it looks like a combination of the angle of the photo and the aftermarket front bumper. The SL AMG or Black Series don’t have LED strips.

  3. Im the owner of the white SL65 that u just posted… The funny thing is that I spoke to you earlier when i said “” all photographers know each other” while your talking to Pete from Iforge.
    Just found that out, Pete told me after I send him the picture with my car from your website.

    Anyway we manufacture that black series amg SL65 kit and the wheels as well. Our site http://www.sodv6.com

    Thank you for the kind words post it on your site and Facebook… May the Lord bless you.

  4. Ray


    I’m building an SL and have worked on a SL65. That is a copy hood of the SL65 and the LED on the passenger side is not straight, while the one on the driver side is. I’ve seen the car up close.

  5. Samuel and Aaron, I’d love to meet you guys in person! If you guys are on Twitter, please DM your phone numbers to @MOTORMAVENS or hit us up on Instagram or something! Oh, or you can email your info to mike_kim(at)motormavens.com

    @Hechtspeed : Photos of the RWB Porsches are all over our Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Are you following @MOTORMAVENS in those social media outlets? Oh… but I did a private shoot of the green RWB Porsche yesterday. 😀

    @JacobPhoto : Thanks for the info, I didn’t even know. I’ll take a closer look at that thing. Are you coming out to SEMA dude?

  6. I’m the owner of the white sl65 I need to make a correction on the website name the correct site is:

    On the post above it’s not right.
    Check it out as we manufacture 3pcs forge wheels as well.

    If you need to contact me about the kit or wheels please log in on our site.

  7. hechtspeed

    @Antonio, I just read through “that other website’s” story on the “Pandora One”. Nice shots, but lacked the personal side of the story. Hopefully your story can give us more meat. Like, why is it called “Pandora One”? And, wheel specs on the Rotiforms, the details is what we like!
    Just checked out the Tumblr page, can’t wait for the full feature shoot photos.

  8. lkoflm

    @ray I don’t understand your “too bad it’s fake” comment. It’s a SL65 amg modified to look like black series with couple of unique tweaks. That’s the beauty of building it yourself you can add personal touches and it’s not something any one can go and buy (if you have half a mil that is). Being someone who’s building a car yourself I think you can at least appreciate the effort.

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  10. Ray

    Apologies, I didn’t intend to be rude. The V12 badges and SL65 black badges on the car have a lot of people fooled. Maybe it’s the curvature of the S class lights that make me think its off.

    Have a good show and hopefully take some orders.


  11. stef

    I came across this post from a friend, I’ve met Sam and I’ve seen this SL in person.. All I can say is that he’s done one helluva job on it and it’s seriously an eye catcher. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

    (that’s my white e90 M3, jumping in the background!) lol

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