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CARSPOTTING> Instant Gentleman RPS13 With LS2

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While some Formula D drivers are trying to get on podium, some are trying to get their cars done before the last few events. Nikolay Konstantinov has been doing just that.

After a pretty bad crash at Irwindale last year, he’s been planning and redoing his car to be even more competitive this year. This is the same car that he drove last year with a new scheme. He ended up ditching the Type-X for the Instant Gentlemen kit. He also ditched the RB25DET for an LS2. No hate mail – please.

Here’s the finished product after Tex from Graphix By Tex was done with Nikolay’s car! It gets rid of the Christmas theme and makes the car pretty wild looking. I can see this being a “love it, hate it” thing.  I personally like how it came out – it matches Nikolay perfectly. What do you guys think?

Nikolay Konstantinov Garage Autohero RPS13 240sx Nissan Formula D Yoshi Shindo

Nikolay decided to switch to the LS2 to stay competitive with the big boys in Formula D. I wish he kept the RB25 but I totally understand why he went that route. I think he will be a good contender and I hope he can make all the rounds next year.

Nikolay Konstantinov Garage Autohero RPS13 240sx Nissan Formula D Yoshi Shindo

Along with the exterior and engine changes, he got the interior repainted a light grey and painted the back of his Status seats the same color as his car.

Nikolay Konstantinov Garage Autohero RPS13 240sx Nissan Formula D Yoshi Shindo

This picture was from when the car had just been finished. He also is running quite a bit of front camber and still has a decent stance. I’m happy that he got his crazy looking vinyl done – much better than this Christmas-themed look. It looks great and I hope he does well at Vegas and Irwindale!

::Yoshi Shindo

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16 Responses

  1. Nick from New Zealand

    This thing is freaking epic i love it!!!!
    i love how the seat backs match the exterior and the massive front camber looks awesome as well as being super functional and judging from the engine bay shot it has bucket loads of lock!!
    Very well built car!

  2. danp

    did this thing pass tech?? thought the car had to have stock frame rails down for the towers?

    looks very cool right now

  3. Chip

    You have done a great job on the build of your car and glad i was able to help you trouble shoot a few of your problems in vegas. Give em hell in irwindale!

  4. Stefano

    Love the Soviet red, but whats with the green? I would have liked to see red and gold, like the old Soviet flag. more of the hammer and sickle! Still, I’ll always support Nikolay. Ya tozhe ruski, respect. Thumbs up to the LS swap, you can’t beat a V8 for reliable torque. The body kit on this car isnt as great as his last olive green/gray Nissan, but oh well. I wish you all the success comrade!

  5. The 1st picture got me interested. I clicked looking to see a side shot and was sadly disappointed not to find any. Show me the vinyl! 😀

  6. mitchel licari

    looks sick my fav car out of FD what kind of lights do you use in this photo looks hard. Wish he would of kept the RB25 that thing was beasty at irwindale

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