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COVERAGE> IDS Finals at Nurburgring

This is the time of year when people begin to pull coats and cloaks a bit tighter in anticipation of the weather to come. As a personal homage to this gradual increase of outer garments, I decided to fly to Germany and cloak myself with a little tire ash. Acknowledging the inevitable end of reasonable weather in Deutschland, the International Drift Series (IDS) brought the fight back to the Nurburgring for the conclusion of their season – although, this time around, there wouldn’t only be IDS drivers at the event. There were three events in one: The Season Final for the IDS Street Class, The Season Final for the IDS Pro Class, and The Falken European Drift Championship (FEDC). The FEDC was an event that the IDS folks put together to give drifters from all over Europe an opportunity to show their stuff in a single event setting. Drifters from Denmark, Hungary, England, Poland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland among others, all made the long roadtrip. Having a drift competition on a section of the Grand Prix track meant epic entry speeds combined with technical sections and a lot of visits to the gravel traps. This is one of my favorite scenarios: a big dog, Remmo Niezen (Netherlands), against an eastern European local, Mariusz Manczak (Poland), battling it out in their V8 E30’s. Remmo and his Falken E30 ended up winning not only the IDS Final, but also the Falken European Drift Championship. The S14 of Lennard Wanders is often hailed as one of the sexiest drift cars in Europe. Notice the Blister-ed fenders being chased down by a familiar ride. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. Alexander Graff was back in action. The car, which was completely totaled when he and his spouse collided earlier in the season, was completely replicated with this new chassis. This is what I like to see in the pits. A Drift Works driver parked right next to a privateer like Florian Zimmermann (Switzerland) and his RWD Audi. Patrick Ritzman (Germany) fared well in his rookie season. I can’t wait to see him out next year when he puts a newer M5 V8 in this classic E34 M5. The track gave the drivers a challenging playground where they could utilize practically every technique they knew. Here, a high speed chicane transitioned into a tight uphill section which then led into an up-shifting sweeper. Dan Chapman (England) was unfortunately knocked out early in the competition due to an e-brake failure. The intensity of this guy’s driving is inspirational. This is Yves Faber in his Fox-body Mustang being chased down by Rohan van Riel. When not ranting in Luxembourgish, these “Luxembourgians” truly showed they could drive -so much so that Faber ended up in the second podium position at the end of the FEDC.

I understand that this is the third picture of Mr. Wanders and his S14, but DAMN! It’s just so sexy!

The word epic is thrown around all too often in motorsports, but this may be a track where that word just doesn’t do justice. The event organizers along with the drivers made it an amazing weekend. The competition was fun and the weather, even so late in the year, permitted some wicked smoke. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.


The Falken European Drift Championship (FEDC):

1st place: Remmo Niezen (Netherlands)

2nd place: Yves Faber (Luxembourg)

3rd place: Michael Sahli (Switzerland)

:: Faruk M Kugay

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31 Responses

  1. thetruth

    Nice photos. but IDS is a shit. From start to end every body knows that falken team members must be on the top… at all costs…

  2. Mike

    Wanders Falken S14 is the Boss, its amazing, you really need to see it in person, it is awesome, watched it at all the JDM Allstars events and packs a Punch with its RB26

  3. ogien

    thetruth you have right this is big shit. i drive in this event’s last time !!!! is one god…. jorg end hi told you…. you win or not….
    i know what hi told you… you lose. judges kan’t say nothing !!!

  4. Lars Verbraeken

    Hey Ogien, didn’t know you do speak english. Even harder for me to understand you just do the things that the judges forbid.

    IDS don’t need drivers with dirty tricks!

  5. ogien

    lars , pleace don’t laugh me ….. only i know what jorg told me.
    ,,this is my decision” ask judges what they tell me after event.
    don’t be afraid i never start again in ids when jorg be a big god.
    and i thing anyone from poland!!!! i wraite this in polisch drift forum.
    i don’t make any triks !!! in second start i have small problem with clutch this is all.
    congratulations champ in the next season 2010 !!!!
    team falken mast win !!!!! i understand this…….

  6. Lars Verbraeken

    Ogien, clutch problems at Alkersleben, Lausitz and Nürburgring? I want to believe that but I can’t.

    I only know you’re the only one starting that slow (even the AE86 start much faster) and then pull away with your 400HP try to make your opponent look bad!

  7. if somebody is claiming that it was already set that a Falken car will win then he will affront the judges. They made a great job under really hard conditions. We were very short of time due to a computer problem and so we had to make decisions without a rerun sometimes to be able to finish the event. So the judges had to look very carefully and make a decision. This was not very good but we had no other chance. The judges are as neutral as the IDS is and the IDS has no influence on the judges decisions, that also the reason why we had three judges from different countries.

    In case of Ogien:
    I was giving the start signal after I’ve asked both drivers whether they’re ready or not like I do it everytime. Both were giving me a positiv sign. If then somebody is starting after my starting signal and then stops in cause of technical problems then it is his problem. He cannot expect, that I will repeat the start just only he had a clutch problem. After start signal the track is free and both have to start and if not, then zero points.

  8. ogien

    lars only you have a problem if you lose aut…. if you win all is ok :)
    when you lose you go to the judges or frend jorg and is another verdict of course good for you …. :)

    the rules one time is another , and second time is another.
    i remember last rules on lausitz , if i have a problem before first drift , i must stop and return too start , but i know this is opinion sport and somebody can make many opinion haw hi wont !!!!! and make this !!!!

    after event i speak with ANDY and FARUK , they ask me why i dont go second start , both say i must go !!!! but jorg forbit !!!! hi say me,, you dont go , you lose , this is my decision ” !!!!!!! for what is judge?? for nothing !!!!!
    ANDY and FARUK after event say me , first time make american judges, every judge have a one voice and i win 3:0 in this verdikt next run lars have 3:0
    and…..??? must be second rund playoff !!!!!!!
    after this all fix i have all ids and jorg in my back side…how are you think where ???
    and pleace……… don’t write too me anymore !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jörg, IDS

    Ogien, I’m sorry to say it, but this is exact the way you pay attention in the briefing: after Faruk said this to come back after the start in Lausitz I was correcting him not to turn and go back, you had to make the hole round, since we will never drive against the race direction on a race track. We have a race control and the will punish us when they see it it, that’s normal for a race track and everybody knows that instead of you. You were the only man stopping and turn and go backwards on a race track even you were told not to do it. Remember in Oschersleben you got penalty for doing that from Matthieu. I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for your undisciplinary behaviour on a race track, I thought that you’re professionel?

  10. Lars Verbraeken

    I did lose battle’s this year in IDs and England, for example (and most of the times I think) from Michu but even I’ve had fun cause they were fair@fast without cheap tricks.

    Alkersleben first run you did overtake were it was forbidden
    Alkersleben re-run you did start very slow and trying to pull away 1st corner

    Lausitz you tried the same thing, but didn’t work out cause it was wet

    Nurburgring you did the same thing I don’t believe in clutch problems It did run fine after the first corner.

    I’ve never head this problems with the other IDS drivers or elsewhere only with you.

    I think Jörgs descision maybe had to do (maybe not the right way) with the other 3 incidents this year.

  11. Lars Verbraeken

    It’s extra motivation for me to come back to IDS next year. And have some good competion with Sahli who I think had some bad luck in Lausitz this year.

    Benno ,Olli, Patze were coming closer at the end of the season so there will good,fast&fair battle’s with them. I even heard some english and dutch guys will come next saison. Those guys don’t know tricks. they only know how to put the pedal to metal!That’s what the crowd want to see!

  12. Tizer

    If Remmo’s car was still orange, he would also have won. Remmo’s got skills out of the world. If falken should have won, why isn’t the top3 all falken?

  13. Karol

    i can’t say this in English but i don’t agree you.It is something bad in all of IDS round. Like ogien say :
    “when you lose you go to the judges or frend jorg and is another verdict of course good for you …. :)
    This is normal for you ?For me Lars got good contact whit judges and win ! This is SICK !. All round Ogien lose because Lars go to judges and talk whit him..and he win of course…
    Sory for my bad English…I thing you understand me !

  14. Lars Verbraeken

    The only time I did and must go to the judges was only with Ogien. I know from someeone in IDS left his top 16 place in Alkersleben cause he didn’t want to battle Ogien!

    Ogien is full of s… with his clutch problems and things like that. When a ae86 with 150HP is faster then him with 400HP Then it’s obvious, he’s playing games.

    And Alkerleben, he blocked me to drift the second corner, simple as that. There are pictures of that somewhere on the net.

    And when Ogien was just in good understanding with the orga and judges like me, he will knew what he done wrong!

    It is simple, I never met a more unsportif drifter then him. And it’s looks like it will not happen next year anymore, so both he and I are glad, I think.

  15. Karol

    yes,best defence is atack…
    Ok you got your opinion,I’ve got my opinion so we don’t need fighting for words…
    So peace brother.And have a nice angles and drifts : )
    I second time have promise you understand me ; )

  16. In my opinion its up to the leading car to choose the speed. the chasing car has to copy the leading car and not the other way around.

    If the leading car is starting slowly its up on him. Some cars cant fully accelerate in 1st gear otherwise they will blow their gearbox or pop a shaft. If the leading car will have and advantage by starting slow and accelerating faster than the car behind its up to the judges to see that.

    the leading car can do what ever he want to do, some famous drifters are using left foot braking to trap the chasing car, and again its up to the judges to see that.

    i dont want to start complaining about the judging, but some points were strange all the year i agree on that.


  17. I was Judge in IDC 2008, i don’t dislike polish guys but they make trouble on every event, especially Ogien… You are such a unfriendly person all the time from the Drifttaxi to the Battles… And the polish guys tell us every year that they never come again! Hope this time it’s the truth and you are not telling bull***t again…

    On my opinion you have to be DQ on ALL events cause you’ll drive without hood everytime and thats against reglement… If Hood gets damaged or a bumper during event thats no prob but you do that everytime…

  18. doriftofan

    yes corinna, it was, but the most problems was on the final round. so they had one year experience. and dont forget: they was working last year also for a drift series. but the series had the same problems, because one of the guys are invited long time in the german drift series. he is definitely not serious.

    judge: first time at the final was the judge fine, just faruk was copied most of results of another judge. also was the starting girl make some strange desicions and banned the reruns. okay okay, it was not much time, because they lost lot time for nothing (how the hell anybody can forgot to make the starting list after the qualification??)

    Tizer, just one falken car drove the whole series. 😉

    maybe is the formula one doing the same thing like IDS: forbid to overtake lol … sorry guys, but the IDS shows 2009 lot of shit. If they say: its a show, not a real challenge Ill agree with them, but they want to give us a professional series. It isnt!

  19. Mir egal was Ihr alle habt, vor allem die, die nicht gefahren sind.Ich war auch nicht zufrieden mit vielen Entscheidungen aber ich war dabei.
    Und von den Strecken ist die IDS die Serie die die schnellsten und geilsten in Europa hat.
    Das ganze als Show zu bezeichnen ist richtig,das Driften ist Show,Motorsport und ein Event wo man sein Auto und sich präsentieren kann.
    Ich fahre nächstes Jahr wieder bei der IDS und auch bei anderen Serien um zu sehen wo ich stehe.
    Ich persönlich habe noch über keine andere Serie das Maul zerissen, bei der ich nicht mit gefahren bin. Die Fahrer der JDM oder KOE auch nicht über unsere Serie, ist das nicht komisch?!
    “Fahrer” die in keiner Serie gefahren sind wissen alles besser und können alles besser.
    Beweist was Ihr könnt, fahrt in einer Serie oder macht eine Serie und beweisst euer Wissen oder Können!

    Gruß Alex

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