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VIDEO> Apex’i Lexus SC430 Drifting at Evergreen

With all the great things I’ve been hearing about last week’s Formula Drift Seattle event, it’s getting me amped to see what will happen at the Las Vegas round of the championship series. I’ve been checking out a lot of our video footage from the event, but I remain drawn to the great POV (point-of-view) footage that Justin Shreeve captured with a ContourHD mountable/wearable video camera.

This particular video clip shows former D1GP Series Champ Ryuji Miki drifting his newly built Lexus SC430 on the banking at Evergreen Speedway. For those who havent driven or ridden along on the Evergreen Speedway course, this video is a great way to check the track out – from a driver’s perspective.

We’ve got more clips and we’ll be showing some of our favorite POV footage from time to time. Meanwhile click this link to see other shots from Formula D Seattle and Formula D Irwindale, as featured on the new MotorMavens Channel on ContourHD’s website.

:: Travis Hodges

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8 Responses

  1. The big Toyota V8 sounds sweet. Cool track layout. Seems like they should be doing some suiso (sp?) on the first straight away though…I don’t know. It’s a little boring right there. haha

  2. Good job on capturing this clip, Justin! I’m glad you posted this, Travis! It’s cool to have a driver’s eye view of Evergreen. It looks as if Ryuji is still just getting used to his car, but I’m sure he’ll have it fine tuned to his driving style pretty soon.

    @Chris Hecht: The correct spelling is tsuisou from what my Japanese friends have told me.

    Anyway, Evergreen needs that long straightaway for the cars to build up speed and momentum, so that when they enter the right hand sweeping turn on the banking, the car will be able to ride the banking up high, right next to the wall. It must be pretty damn intimidating to ride the top of the banking, knowing that a wall is right there – especially at places like Irwindale and Wall Speedway!

  3. Imran Rashid

    cool video. The steering looks real sketchy. Looks like the car is dialed in yet. Funny thing, it looked better at the last event. The steering inputs makes it seems Ryuji is just learning how to drive, even though it’s quite the opposite. lol

  4. sam i am

    I talked to on of my friends that helped build the car, engine is 100 stock, just has an intake header and exhaust. Pretty crazy compared to the rest of the field. hopefully they will have it sorted out for vegas.

  5. Speaking from experience on that bank, he ran a low line in the video, looked like he was taking it easy and getting comfortable with it.

  6. I know these Jap guys have a real tough time switching to v8 cars. Im confident Miki will pull through and be a top contender again. He was always one of my fav’s. Takatori seems to be adapting to the v8 s15, so Im sure Miki will get the hang of it and kick it up a notch!

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