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NEWSWORTHY> We’re Back From Being Hacked!

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MotorMavens readers (aka: our worldwide automotive family, supporters, and friends)! We’re back from being hacked! This malware attack on our website was crazy, and we’re still working to restore photos and functionality on the website. We apologize for the inconvenience – trust us, we’re just as pissed about it as you are! It screwed lots of things up on the website, and really screwed up the quick and easy carshow registration forms that we set up. It couldn’t have come at a worse time… right before our first car showMASS APPEAL at Irwindale Speedway this Saturday, December 4th!

A LOT of people have been asking questions about the Mass Appeal show. A lot of people have told us they have been registering their cars just because they don’t want to miss our very first show, and we love you guys for it!

Since Ken Block and Gymkhana Grid partnered with MotorMavens to find and showcase the west coast’s most stylish cars for the special project that Ken Block’s crew will be filming at Irwindale, we have invited some of the best looking street cars that have been featured (and not yet featured) on our website to this show! Mass Appeal is going to be an awesome gathering of friends and like-minded car owners. We can’t wait! We have LOTS of friends driving their cars from all over for this event, but we need to emphasize one point… The Mass Appeal Show is focused on QUALITY. The point of our show was to attract the dopest cars – not necessarily the shiny, high budget builds you see at SEMA (although we have quite a few SEMA demo vehicles registered). The whole point of the MotorMavens MASS APPEAL Show was to attract the dopest streetcars out that we could find! MotorMavens loves to bring you the dope from the streets!

MASS APPEAL REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS are on http://motormavens.tumblr.com

The Mass Appeal Car Show is on this upcoming Saturday. December 4, 2010 from 10am-7pm.
Car Show Roll-In is from 7:00am-9:30am on Saturday December 4.
Come early for the best parking spot at the show! We suggest that crews roll in together if you want to park together!

For any questions, please call or text:

Edward Uche 818-824-0881
Tamer Omran 714-235-8782

See you at the show!

::MotorMavens Crew

For more info on the Ken Block/Gymkhana Grid Invitational, as well as presale tickets, make sure to click on the flyer for the link and use discount code: MAVENS if you want to buy your tickets CHEAP!

Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational Mass Appeal Car Show Irwindale CA

Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational Mass Appeal Car Show Irwindale CA

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  1. Edward Uche

    MotorMaven faithful, thank you so much for your patience and understanding demeanor, the extensive hard work and effort is justified when I speak to a lot of you and get great feedback.



    Thank you.

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  3. Adam Wangan Meet Crew

    Haven’t heard from u still?
    Regarding if you would come and visit Sweden?
    At The only Jap-car meet here at the momement.

    Mail me when you could :)
    Date is set now..

    Wangan Meet Crew :)

  4. Dan Cyr

    Yo Adam! I don’t wanna speak for anyone here, but your best bet is probably to send out an email or facebook message. Those always work better as a reminder for people!

    Oh and, welcome back MM!!! For good this time, I hope! 😛

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