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OH SNAP> Tyler McQuarrie Wins Formula D Vegas!

Tyler McQuarrie Falken Z33 Nissan 350Z Formula Drift Las Vegas Motor Speedway roadster ASD GoPro Enkei Brian Crower

Wow. Formula Drift at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was sooooo HOT. Ridiculously hot. Intensely hot. We just got back to Los Angeles, after an eight hour excursion, creeping at around 10mph  in traffic-swamped freeway lanes all the way back to Southern California. This being said, we aren’t posting up our event story just yet… everyone in our group is about to pass out from the heat and exhaustion.

However, we just wanted to take a minute to congratulate Tyler McQuarrie on his First Place victory in Las Vegas! In case you weren’t following the Formula D Driftstream, Team Falken emerged victorious, with an all-Falken podium sweep once again, with Tyler McQuarrie bringing home First Place, Daijiro Yoshihara winning Second Place, and Vaughn Gittin Jr taking home Third Place.

We’d also like to welcome Las Vegas-based photographer Farrel Dee to the Motor Mavens Crew! We’ll let him write up a proper introduction later, but for now, we’d like to invite YOU to upload your Formula D Las Vegas and Vegas Pro Am photos to the MotorMavens Forums! We saw a lot of people shooting photos this weekend, and we’d love to see your photos with links to your website and/or Flickr pages! Post them up so everyone can see!

That’s it for now… sleep calls! However, don’t worry… we’ll be back very soon with our photos and observations from Formula D Las Vegas!

:: Antonio Alvendia

Upload your FD Las Vegas and Vegas Pro Am photos to the MotorMavens Forums by clicking here!

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6 Responses

  1. If you’re in Cali this is one of best FD events to go, for sure!

    exhausting heat – No Problem.
    staying up past my bedtime – YAY!
    FDs top drifters going for broke at high-entry speeds and not letting off till end! -IM ALL IN!

    ….till next time; STAY DURTY LAS VEGAS!
    -the whistler at the Mobil 1 trailer!

    PS-DAI was 1st place bound without a doubt! lost the shirt off my back on that one!

  2. D1RGE.EXE

    Driftstream failed right before top 4, all we got to see was Tony B vs Tyler McQ. Came back on for finals….wait, there was no finals. Worst broadcast yet. I know it was free and we shouldnt bitch….but Dai vs Gittin??? ZOMG that was the battle everyone wanted to see!!!!

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  5. crazy frasian

    wow we’re studying this site in my photo class and all of these pics are hella legit. idk why i chose to wrote that on this article, but yeah….

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