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OH SNAP> Canadian Drift Union Rocks PGP

Pacific Grand Prix in Washington state has only been holding drift events this year, but they been doing so well that everyone in the Pacific Northwest looks forward to these events now. This past weekend, was the very first Team Tandem event that PGP held. Many of the regular familiar faces showed up, as well as a lot of new drivers that I hadn’t seen before.

Drift Union was one of the crews from out-of-town that showed up for this event. They came all the way from Canada (I don’t know the exact city) and even though they were new to the PGP course, they were killin it out on track. Their super ridiculously early entries and close-following tandem runs wowed the crowd and the judges enough to ensure that they took top honors!

Congratulations, boys! Stay tuned to MotorMavens for more photos from the PGP event very soon… but right now I have an appointment to buy some super wide wheels for my S14! Now I need overfenders! =D

:: Yoshi Shindo

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  1. SICK, Yoshi!!! I think the Drift Union cars are super dope! I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t get to complete a feature shoot on those guys when I met them at All Star Bash.

    I had some other drama going on… our big styrofoam cooler cracked in the back seat of my E39 wagon, and it turned my rear seat into a LAKE, screwing up the leather seats completely. They even came up to me to say “hey dude we’re ready to shoot now” but I was dealing with that drama at the time. Sucks!

    Anyway… CONGRATULATIONS DRIFT UNION! Your cars (and driving skills) are sick!!!

    Now the Seattle boys need to step up and take the title back. Drift Union beat the Seattle guys on their own track? Whaaaaaat? (LOL do u like how I instigate things? hahahaha)

  2. thanks for the quick write up Yoshi!
    pgp was a blast to drive that’s for sure can not wait to get back there.
    shawn and I are from kelowna bc.

    @Antonio thanks for all props man and sorry about the cooler, you seemed hella busy so we didn’t want to bother you haha.

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