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OH SNAP> Scion Racing Formula D TC Unveiling

Scion Racing Formula Drift TC unveiling party Little Tokyo Far Bar Far East Cafe Ken Gushi Fredric Aasbo

This evening, Justin Shreeve, Will Roegge, and I went to the unveiling party for Scion Racing’s 2011 tC Formula Drift competition cars, driven by Kenshiro Gushi and Fredric Aasbo. It was awesome! Great food and free drinks are hard to disagree with, especially when amongst the great company that attended. A lot of automotive industry folks were in attendance, so it seemed just like a SEMA Party without the Las Vegas atmosphere.

Here is a quick snap of Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbo’s Scion TCs parked outside Far Bar in Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles.

:: Joe Ayala

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8 Responses

  1. Man!!! I didn’t even see you guys there! Can’t believe I got there right as you guys were leaving!

    The unveiling last night was super fun (actually, Scion parties are ALWAYS fun), and Scion Racing’s cars are some of the most professional looking cars in the Formula Drift series. Can’t wait to see the guys tear it up on the track!

    If anyone is in the Long Beach area today, you can get a sneak preview of the Scion tC competition cars screeching through Long Beach at today’s Formula Drift media day!

  2. great event last night. I was introduced to you last night Antonio by drunk ass Chris from PRimax. I was his “wingman”. LOL. good times last night and thank you Scion Racing.

  3. DJ Zombie

    i would have wanted to go to this party! how come you didn’t post any event info BEFORE the party? i went to the dsport 100 party just because you guys gave us the info beforehand…

    but u didn’t say anything about this scion party… wusup with that?

  4. herbrockone

    Nice. Right in J town how wonderful is that. At Chop Suey? I was there on wednesday and parked in front of Chop Suey, I love how I never get invited to freeload on those events when we sell and service their freakin cars to the consumer buying market. So glad to hear you were able to benefit.

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