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OH SNAP> Shakotan S30 Street Scraper Returns!

yuta akaishi, shakotan, s30, 240z, ssr wheels

The past few days have been super hectic! I’ve basically been shooting photos every single day since Friday! I decided not to post up our Formula D and JCCS stories just yet, because I wanted to focus my very limited time on linking up with good friends from out of town and doing some photo shoots with their cars while I was chillin out with them.

I suppose that’s the difference between MotorMavens and other websites. Some of the other sites go to the shows just to grab as many pics as they can and then leave quickly so they can post them before anyone else. MotorMavens has a different way of thinking, and a different agenda altogether. Instead of racing to get photos up before the other websites, MotorMavens values quality when it comes to the things published on the site. Posting photos quickly is important to me, but I also make it a priority to spend my valuable time with my good friends in the car scene – after all, I know that without the support of our loyal friends (this includes YOU, our awesome readers!), MotorMavens would not have come as far as it has today.

So here’s a teaser photo; this will give you a taste of what I’ve been up to over the past few days. This is Yuta Akaishi‘s shakotan S30 240Z from Northern California’s Heartbreaker crew. He just got back from spending summer in Japan a few days before the Japanese Classic Car Show. He refreshed the car really quickly, and then scraped pavement all the way from San Jose to Long Beach for JCCS! So dope – I hope you like this, cause I know I do!

Okay then! MotorMavens will return to normally scheduled posting in just a few!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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32 Responses

  1. I’m guilty for posting pics up too quick. Haha. BUT not with the intention of competition. It’s not like I even get traffic like you guys so it doesn’t matter. lol. Anyways, we cool right Antonio?

    Nice shot of Yuta’s 240z. Btw, I had to leave a little early from JCCS so I wasn’t able to swing by your booth and pick up the MM stickers. Maybe another time.. For sure I’ll get them before the year is over..somehow maybe at the next Formula D.

  2. D1RGE.EXE

    Damn, I looked all over the JCCS for MotorMavens booth. Took pix of Yuta’s car without even knowing it was in its final form :) Damn thing had more presence than almost anything else there, and same with the FatLace skyline. Both cars stopped people in their tracks, and just happened to get some of the most prime real estate in the show! Props to them both!

    Hope ya got pix of the 2 skylines in the parking lot, the Kenmeri and the Hokusuka, they were fresh as hell too.

  3. @MICHAEL: lol you’re crazy! of course we’re cool! We’ll mail your stickers to you man, thanks for the support yo!

    @D1RGE.EXE: aw man! Thanks! We didn’t “really” have a booth at JCCS this year, but you can be damn sure we will next year. This year, we just put our flags up at our friend Ken Miyoshi’s M2 Tuning booth (THANKS KEN!) and then walked around the show taking pics and talking to our friends.

    oh and we DEFINITELY got photos of the 2 skylines sitting outside! i even got some video footy with my iphone 4 as we all drove off on the freeway! more to come!!!

  4. D1RGE.EXE

    Did you guys in any way catch a pic of the metallic light blue R33 Skyline vert?? I was waiting for the shuttle out of there (about 2:30, no way I was driving/parking in that mess) and saw it in line driving out, and it pulled away as I was trying to get my phone out to get a pic. Talk about a unique ride…

  5. Nick from New Zealand

    Would love to have that parked in my shed! would be totalled after about 10k’s on NZ’s shit roads tho!
    Completely BADASS!!

  6. AWESOME! I’m glad we have readers from New Zealand! Nick, I know that NZ is known for bad ass cars though! I’m sure not ALL the roads are shitty, are they?

    BTW: Do you know any good photogs from NZ? We’d be interested in having a regular contributor from there!

  7. Aidan

    Hey Antonio you got another NZ reader here! I even got some stickers sent this way. Matt Malcolm seems to be the pictures man in NZ. Or Id be keen if you are desperate haha

  8. WongFu

    Not to be a hater but the 1st iteration of the car was much better. Don’t get me wrong the car is still sweet but she was better naked and rusty imo.

  9. I admit that the rust and dirtiness of the first iteration of this car was ultra rad… and then I saw some newer pictures of it and I wasn’t so happy anymore. But now seeing THIS picture, I’m happy again!!! The fighter plane/primer look is absolutely amazing, and is just as dirty and grungy as the rust, in my opinion. I want this car.

  10. Hey guys!

    OKAY! So everyone has an opinion on the look of Yuta’s 240Z and “which iteration” you like better. TOTALLY understandable! =)

    So tell me… for those who DON’T like the current styling of the car… would you feel different if the graphics were removed and it was just a silver, faded S30 240Z with gold SSR Mk-3 wheels? Would you like it like that?

  11. Nigel

    I like it, but if it was mine maybe up an inch and a half to drive. Fast !!

    Christopher from Beeoneoneoh has got my vote also. (And he uses film sometimes.)

    (The film comment may give away my age.)

  12. Mucci


    I can’t find a contact e-mail for you guys so I’m posting here: What font do you use on the blog portion of the site? Whatever it is, I deleted it from my comp and now it’s replacing it with some sort of Impact font that’s barely legible.

  13. RB RX7

    Yeah…walked right by it…another Z

    What next, paint? BRE graphics?

    It’s okay to “upgrade” I guess, anyhow…hard to top the original.

    He can’t go back now. This will be the definition of regret.

    The definitive rat Z…is gone :(

  14. Damn i freakin’ love the new look, so bad ass!
    I wish we could go that low in Holland, the only mountains we have here are, well, speedbumps. lol

  15. LloyD

    i absolutely loved the first version of this one as well,then i saw it go all “NOR-CAL” with the writing on the hood etc…and completely lost all hope,
    until i saw it at jccs ’10…. SO GREAT !!!
    still all “rusty and naked” was PERFECT

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