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OH SNAP> Risky Devil RPS13: Endangering Chicago

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Oh snap! Just found this Risky Devil RPS13 180SX photo on my hard drive! I’m back from a period of non-publishing on the blog – 3 weeks to be exact. Sorry folks, I injured my wrist/elbow, which made it very difficult to edit photos or even type on a computer. This being said, I’ve only been able to publish new content on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you don’t follow @MOTORMAVENS in these places, you’re sleepin!

This is a photo of Josh Maghirang‘s right hand drive RPS13, taken while I was sitting shotgun in Leigh Roto‘s JZA70 Supra. It’s no secret that the Risky Devil crew, the boys from Grip Gambler, and all their other Chicago-based friends under the Junkhouse banner are a bunch of lowlifes who terrorize Chicago streets by driving like a bunch of a$$holes – tailgating each other at high speeds on the freeway, drifting freeway onramps and offramps, and street drifting in downtown Chicago right in front of popular clubs. No wonder all the residents of Chicago always yell F*CK JUNKHOUSE when they see these cars passing by! These guys are always up to no good… which is probably why I love hanging out with them! They are fun. Whatever you call this group of misfits from Chicago – Risky Devil, Risky D*cks, Grip Gambler or Junkhouse… these guys are a close family of friends that have awesome car style. They always have fun hanging out and talking sh!t while doing fun stuff with their cars every single day.

Since I just found all these photos on my hard drive, I think we’re gonna start seeing a bunch of Chi Town content on MotorMavens real soon! Let me get crackin on this!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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