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VIDEO> Bonus Footage from FD Las Vegas

Formula Drift: Las Vegas from MotorMavens Dotcom on Vimeo.

Digging through our hard drive archives, I realized that the Motor Mavens crew often ends up shooting a lot of extra video footage or photos that don’t actually get posted on the site. Some time last week, I was looking through a folder in the hard drive that contained a bunch of video clips from the Formula D Las Vegas event.

The footage was shot with two cameras – While Antonio was busy shooting stills and video clips with his Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, Antonio’s younger brother David decided to try his hand at shooting some drifting video footage with the small, consumer level Canon HF S100 digital video camera that we had laying around here at the house.

Even though they didn’t shoot all that much video footage, and didn’t plan on releasing a video from this event, I decided that I might as well put some of David’s handheld camcorder footage together with the stuff Antonio shot with his DSLR. See if you can tell which cameras captured what.

We’d also be interested in finding out what our readers think… do you think Antonio should spend some more time trying to practice and hone his skills in shooting video? Or should he just stick to the still photos?

Hope you enjoy the video!

:: Travis Hodges

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15 Responses

  1. Ventego

    Hmm… I read a similar blog regularly, but i never visited your blog yet. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader!

  2. Rich

    It’s hard to believe that this video was put together from archives that were not meant to be ripped and published on the site. Great work guys!! As far as the question about Antonio venturing further into video: there’s no doubt that someone with an eye like that and the knowledge of good sound shouldn’t. Show the world what’s up Mavens!! Thanks for sharing your journeys guys!

  3. cgmoreno

    Well, great job on the video guys! It’s pretty neat, glad to know David helped Travis out with this…

    Keep up the good work, David! You too, Travis! (even if I don’t know you =p)

  4. David, keep up the excellent work. You’re going to get your self recognized fast. Great video, great content, great boobs, I mean… cameras.

    I did, indeed, frost my pants… I’m sorry.

    Anwyho, great job guys,

    <3 David


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