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VIDEO> Drifting Dirty with Dynamic

So check it. Our homie Tree just linked us to this new video that Eddie from Dynamic Autosports was talking about in Las Vegas. It was shot by this video crew that has experience doing extreme sports (Is that what he said? Can’t remember, due to the intoxicated state we were in. We apologize).

It’s great to see well produced footage of the Dynamic Autosports/Apex’i/Hankook team. The video team definitely had some great equipment, and we were glad to see someone showcasing the Hankook drivers this way! It’s about time those guys got some love – they’re the most slept on group of drivers in the Formula D series!

:: Motor Mavens

PS: What’s with the S&M outfits on the girls? It looked like it was HOT out there; those chicks must have been dying! LOL at their facial expressions and poses when the cars pass them by!

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  1. La Carrera

    HAHA those girls are horrible actresses. That blonde one looks cheaper than Taiwan made parts! WTF was she thinking at the end? She had an energy drink in between her silicone. haha

  2. That Z is really pretty bad ass. I love the orange wheels too. This video has some nice footage but the music in the beginning makes me anticipate a Paul Walker “getting a tuna fish sandwich at Torreto’s lil Sandwich shop” cameo that never seems to come.

    Also, you don’t have to jam a can of Rockstar between a pair to sell the drink, just make a dope video, but alas, this will still get a million hits on Youtube and they’ll sell a few more cans. Ha, “cans”.

  3. Christopher Toy

    I was at Dax’s when I first witnessed this lol. Some of the parts with the girls is pretty cheesy but in the end the driving was great. Good post!

  4. This video is pretty cool. At first I was thinking ‘why does she have a can there?’ – then he grabs it and takes a drink, hahaha.

    My only real complaint – I wish this video had better title/nameplate sequences. Some super-slick motion graphics would really have set this thing off. The cinematography in the beginning was awesome.

  5. the hankook dudes are way cooler than this video. i hope hbomb films goes back to making really bad porn. i mean honestly you have 3 really good drivers and 3 really good drift cars and an open runway and your best idea is donuts around a busted looking chick.

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