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VIDEO> Tuerck’s 240SX Drifting Tree-lined Touge

Ryan Tuerck, drifting, RPS13, S13

There are so many crappy drifting videos on YouTube. This is not one of them. There are also tons of over hyped, overproduced “viral videos” on YouTube. This is not one of those either. While most of the drifting videos on the internet are incredibly lame, THIS video of Ryan Tuerck navigating his way through dense thickets of trees while bouncing off the rev limiter is really a breath of fresh air! (Or should I say… a breath of freshly burnt tire smoke?) This video is SO DOPE. Watch Hampshaa as he rips through the tree lined forest in his S13 240SX.

I absolutely LOVE the cinematography in this video!!! This really shows the difference between cinematography and a bunch of kids with DSLRs and POV cameras. Yes, there IS a difference. RESPECT to Tuerck, Laputka, and Jacob Agaja-something. Shoot first, ask questions later. Peace out.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Mike Kim

    So sick, so much classier then Gymkhana. But one question is why cant Ryan Tuerck’s FD car look as good as his personal car? lol

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