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VIDEO> The Spirit of Formula D Long Beach

Formula Drift 2010 Round 1 from Justin Shreeve Films on Vimeo.

I really gotta give it up to our boy Justin Shreeve. A few weeks before Formula D Long Beach, Justin called me and told me that he wanted to come down and shoot the official MotorMavens video coverage of Formula D Long Beach. I told him that we had other video shooters that were planning on attending the event, but I’d love to see what he could put together. By the looks of the Evergreen Drift video Justin shot recently, I knew whatever video footage he shot at Long Beach would probably be good!

Justin worked really hard to create this video. I saw him running all over the place at Long Beach, hustling to get artistic shots and plenty of new looks in his footage. At one point, he even brushed up on a sharp piece of scaffolding, cutting his upper arm open and tearing the sleeve of his favorite shirt. Justin also told me that while he was down in Long Beach shooting, he received a phone call from his boss at a skate company back in Oregon, informing him that he would be getting laid off. Damn! That’s horrible news to receive on a road trip for sure, but that only pushed Justin to work harder and give this video all he had.

This goes out to the hungry people out there…  to those willing to take chances and put everything on the line so they can chase after their dreams… to those that stay motivated to make something better of themselves… THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU.

This is what the Motor Mavens Movement is all about… illustrated by the lens of Justin Shreeve.


:: Antonio Alvendia

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40 Responses

  1. pclem

    holy hell justin dude that was the best video you’ve done yet, way to rep the northwest. keep up the good work and who knows maybe these guys will start kickin you a nice paycheck


    movie score idea huh?…….

    lol, GREAT transitions!!! Please tell me they were planned during production and not just post !!!!

    happy to see great vision and dedication beat all the “gadgets” you see the guys using these days! Keep shooting!

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  4. Antonio Alvendia

    HELL YEAH JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! This is DEFINITELY the best video I’ve seen you make… EVER. So proud of what you’ve accomplished! You keep raising the bar for yourself and for other videographers out there!!!

    We’re so glad to have you as part of the crew!

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  6. Antonio Alvendia

    LOL!!!! Hey seriously, THANKS AL. Glad you approve man. Hey and thanks for taking that photo of our crew at the end of the day!

  7. Justin Shreeve

    Thanks so much everyone! I was worried when I was making the video that it wouldn’t live up to expectations, so I’m glad to see everyone approves.

    @CASTRO – Yeah, I planned those out the day of. Made it so much easier in post. There are still plenty of areas I can improve on though.

    Thanks again for the kind words everybody!

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  9. James Evins

    This has become one of those videos that I watch over and over again … LOL! Just watched it again. Damn, dude, serious talent! I’m inspired!

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  11. Justin Shreeve

    @James Evins – Thanks man! I know what you mean and that’s awesome.

    @Brandon Scarpelli – Thanks Brandon! I’ll try! Haha

  12. D1RGE.EXE

    Great vid, yes, best so far. You got 2 runs of Miki Ryuji, smoke streaming from the FRONT of rear wheel wells….D O P E

  13. Justin Shreeve

    Yeah, I looooove the look of that. That car is definitely a favorite of mine and Miki’s rad too.

  14. Edward Uche

    Motorsports captured through the eye of a fellow skateboarder, I love it. Keep attacking Justin, your creativity and dedication is worthy of imitation. Great work MotorMaven.

  15. chris jeanneret

    damn this kid came out the wood work and killed it great job justin , there wasnt a dull moment

  16. Daredevil

    C R A Z Y! And I’M BLIND! This goes on my list of epic MotorMavens videos with that one last year from Travis Hodges. I think it was called the Spirit of Irwindale or something like that. Super epic video! I watched it like a zillion times. This one’s right there in the number two spot for all-time best MotorMavens videos and there’ve been a few great ones. Great job Shreeve – you’re on my must watch list.

  17. Seriouly FK’N RAD! You got action by the balls. When the cars pass by it’s cool but when you follow them as they go by, that’s the monie maker! Fekkin RAD again, it feels like a WAR zone in the begining with all the smoke. Got me scared for a moment I thought the terminator or Optimus was gonna drift, ha ha! Your transitions are FK’N INSANE! Pretty damn ingenious Justin S. man. Love your work!

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  19. Anthony

    my God….the transitions were just beautiful. The feeling that the music gives it is awesome………

    I forgot just how huge the Challenger was until that first shot of it.

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  21. skurai

    i really had to come here and comment what a nice badass video this guy maked, justin, those are some sick shots, dont know how u managed to get such good material but mad PROPS

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