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VIDEO> VegasDrift Checkup: Mike Bolaños

VD CheckUp-Mike Bolanos from Robert Strohmeyer on Vimeo.

I just saw this “VD Checkup” video posted on the VegasDrift site. The VD Checkup is basically a “driver profile video” of sorts, which allows people to get to know the folks involved with VegasDrift. In this particular installment, AE86/S13 driver Mike Bolanos sits down for a quick one-on-one talk with AE86 bretheren (and MotorMavens chief editor) Antonio Alvendia, who just happened to be in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. This soft spoken individual (I’m obviously talking about Mike) briefly talks about his experience as a driver and a Vegas ProAm judge.

I always see Mike at drift events, and I think it’s cool that he’s so committed to fully living out his drift lifestyle. For those not in the know, Mike is also very much involved in Just Drift, thanks to JD event organizer Charlie Ongsingco. Want to learn more about Mike? Check out his website and add him on Facebook. While there, also be sure to add the new MotorMavens Blog Fan Page. Pleasure getting to know you Mike, you too are a true MotorMaven.

:: Edward Uche

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  2. Mike Kim

    Hey its another Mike!! lol…good ish…i needa get to these events more…damn retail work…scheduling is always f’d up :/ oh well

  3. HA HA, Is it Bolaños or Bolanos? For ALL you non spanish speakers, for a lower case “ALT+164=ñ” Upper case is “Alt+165=Ñ”. Dope drifter Mr. “OTHER” Mike, ha ha. Good job Rob, this one was an easy edit I would say but still.

  4. Antonio Alvendia

    Yo, actually I tried that 165 thing, and it doesn’t work. I think that’s only for PCs.

    If you have a good computer (Mac), then all you need to do is hit (Alt + N) twice. =D

  5. Flybert

    Nice to see Mike Bolaños get some attention. He’s such a great driver and a way chill dude to hang out with at the track. It’s also fun to compete with him at the track because of our cars similar power levels. Mike, I’m not going to be there next weekend bud but I’ll see at the JD event.

  6. Thanks Antonio, Nick D., Edward, Motormavens, VegasDrift, Rob(4RP) and everyone who made this interview possible! and to make it here on motormavens website is something else! beyond awesome…i feel important now. haha.

    thanks for the great and positive comments! just like most of us in the community… keeping drifting fun is my new motto.

    Fly! im sorry we are gonna miss you on rd 2. see you soon! i’ll fill in your spot on the roster sheet. :p

  7. Pokerspiel

    I should digg your article so other people can see it, really useful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    – Norman

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