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WEBMINING> A Whole Lada Drifting

I know what you are thinking. What the..? I found this on the internet and thought it was pretty weird; many of us stateside have never even seen a Lada in person. Hell, most Americans wouldn’t even know what a Lada is! The car in this video, the Lada, is the trademark car for the Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ, which is now a part of Renault-NISSAN-Lada.

Most people today wouldn’t give this car a second glance, however if you live on the other side of the pond you know that this Fiat 124-based VAZ was a really popular car. Its low cost, DIY friendly mechanics, and the fact that you could beat the crap out of it, led to its popularity. Hmmm, kinda makes me wonder if there are any other quirky cars we’ve never even heard of that are just waiting to be discovered? Haha! Just goes to show that you can take a relatively unpopular, yet solid car and do some killer things with it. Lada lovers are still finding sick ways to modify this machine!


::Travis Hodges

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    love the music in this video… and again, I wish the US had the same level of motorsports activities that europe does. it makes me sad :(

  2. WillCarter

    If you like that you should also check out Skoda Estelle’s, they were were successful rally cars in the late 80’s and there are still one of two campaigned to this day, especially in historic events.

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