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WEBMINING> Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri 2009

This video of the 2009 Summer Drift Matsuri at the famed Ebisu Circuit is just plain awesome. It’s got tons of variety in cars and courses and lots of high speed fly-bys. I haven’t been to Ebisu yet personally, but by the looks of this video, it’s no wonder everyone is so crazy about Ebisu. I can’t wait to go!

Check it out!

::Justin Shreeve

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  1. Great find, Justin! And great job in capturing the trip, Red Stage! You’re right… I AM crazy about Ebisu Circuit. In fact, my friends Chris and Jody even chose Ebisu as the place to spend their honeymoon last year!

    One of my favorite parts of the video was the quick shot of the bus in the beginning… Fukushima Kotsu! hahaha awesome. Really brings me back to great memories at Ebisu. I miss being there.

  2. THanks for posting Justin. Man, this totally reminded me of the first Option Videos I borrowed and watched in like 2001. Those videos inspired me. I’ve never drifted before. I gotta do that before I die. :) I love the car control. I’ve wonder this question for a few years now. Why don’t we build some drifting tracks in the USA? They should be much easier to build than a full size road race course as they are tighter, smaller tracks. Kind of lame to use pieces of an oval tracks and road courses. Anyway, someone with some bucks should build a track. It would be HUGE!!!

  3. @ Hechtspeed –

    I totally agree. It wouldn’t be nearly as costly to build drift tracks. Also, they’d get more use being dedicated to drifting. For instance, aren’t there drift events at Nikko almost every day?

  4. @ Justin, There’s gotta be room somewhere on the grounds of Willow Springs or Buttonwillow. Vegas should have space, its the desert for crying out loud. Needs someone like Falken or Hankook tires or some big company who is already sponsoring drifting. Maybe if all interested enthusiasts pool all our money together, we could build one. Take all the sweet tracks from Japan and combine them together to make a killer track. It’s fun to dream. Wait, just feinted and clutch kicked in my mythical S2000 powered Datsun 510 drifter on the Hechtspeed Drift Circuit. ha ha Sorry, I’m back now…

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