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WEBMINING> SA22C RX7 vs DR30 Skyline

When a buddy of mine (thanks Royce!) first showed me this video, I was floored. It’s so cool that we get to see the Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya “brapping” around in a circuit spec 1972 Mazda RX3 (Savanna GT) at the start of this vid. I felt so excited that a driver such as Tsuchiya, who we all know has driven some really amazing vehicles, found himself piloting such an iconic rotary – the legendary SA22C RX7!

Man, and does he drive this car! So dope. He smashed on that Nissan DR30 in full disrespct of it’s Skyline presence. It’s great seeing this type of performance on a race course from a Mazda.

Now I want a first gen RX7 haha….I’m positive you will too after seeing this. Observe Keiichi’s rotary aggression!

:: Edward Uche

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18 Responses

  1. If you shop for one, there’s a couple tradeoffs.

    The early years 1979-1980 are MUCH lighter. (To the tune of 200 lbs)

    The later years 1984-1985 packed on a little more pork.
    However a few minor changes were made in the later years including a stronger rear axle and modification of the rear trailing links (Lower by 20mm) to reduce the rear suspension’s tendency to bind up and upset the rear traction, inducing oversteer.

    Other than that, it’s all a styling preference for the interior.

    Watch out for rust in the rear wheel wells; Remove the rear wheels and look for rust at the suspension mounting point. That’s the bad part, but it can be repaired if you’ve got a good welder.

  2. @ imprezaking….I love it man. Great way to start the day before hopping in your mazda. The RX3 is such a work horse, did you see how it carved those corners. Ang the sound….oh man!!!!

  3. @ pele…thanks for the insight. I really like the taillight’s on the SA model too. Being that its lighter than the FB, gives it much more incentive to push hard on the track and street. Every morning on the way to work, I see a completely stock SA down the block from my house. The owner will be getting a visit soon haha :)

  4. yeahhhhhhhh man! Nice find Ed! I agree with ImprezaKing, that RX3 is dooooooooooope!

    And damn! Seems like PELE is quite the expert. You’re dropping some KNOWLEDGE man! I love it. That’s the type of insider stuff only an actual RX7 owner can tell you. Outstanding.

  5. BTW Ed! There is no apostrophe (‘) on the word taillights! LOL sorry to bust your balls online homie… I just hate how everyone on the internet uses apostrophes when they’re referring to plural objects. It trips me out that most people in America can’t use English punctuation and grammar to save their lives… even when that’s the only language they speak! LOL

    We don’t wanna be full of punctuation, grammar and spelling errors like some of those other blogs out there! hahahahahahhahaha

    Let’s link up at Cipher Garage on Sunday. Bring an external HD so I can kick you down some more music sonnnn! New mixes on deck, and they’re off the hook.

  6. Shuriken

    Now we’ve got somebody correcting grammar and spelling on the comments of a blog site -what’s next (or should I say “whats nex”) – spell check and comment editor? LOL! Antonio, that’s not at all what I would expect from a Lexus fanboy – waaayyyy to professional dude. Roth would be proud. LMAO!

    I’m with everyone who’s digging the RX-3 – that thing was wailing around the track and it was so pretty and I want one so bad now…

  7. @Shuriken: I believe you mean “wuts nex” sir.

    Hey man, I’m just trying to keep us more professional and more “kenson” or whatevs. hahahaha

    yeah, i love RX3s and RX2s. totally agree with you!

  8. Hyper4mance2k

    Pele knows what’s up! This is definitely one of my all time favorite videos. When are you guys going to feature my ghetto beat to shit 190whp NA 84 RX-7?

  9. Warren

    I’m pretty sure the aircon on the R30 was switched on by Tsuchiya before the race!! He loves to do those kind of tricks!

  10. @ antonio: Dang apostrophe errors chasing me again. Ok ball buster, you got it haha. Just kidding. Besides, I definitely wouldnt want this blog to be like other sites with bad punctuation and grammatical fail. But yeah, external HD will have to be purchased, see you sunday. Got any more of that Blu??

    @ shuriken: I got a good laugh out of that man :) Like you, I love them and Im on the hunt for a RX3. Dangerous territory though, I might find myself with more projects than actually running cars. No bueno.

    Did you guys love the sounds of the SA and Rx3 though???

  11. Edward Uche

    @ Antonio: 4AG sounds cool. The bridge ported Rotary in Keiichi’s SA is super bliss. Those sick blips of the throttle he busted were dope.

    @ Savant: Yeah man, cant wait to see your FB 1st Gen out on the track. Hope you get the carbs tuned soon.

    @ Angelica: Much love…thanks for checking this post. Hopefully you find yourself in a Mazda someday :)

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