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WEBMINING> Sleek, Slammed, Silver 5 Series

While I was cruising the Bimmerforums website last night, I came across this particular E39 BMW 5 Series sedan that really impressed me. This car was built by a Bay Area Bimmer owner that goes by the screen name of PavelK313. This E39 just looks right. Pavel didn’t even need to modify the bumpers, mirrors and all that jazz, because he concentrated his efforts on what really matters – the STANCE.

There was actually a lot of debate on the Bimmerforums about his low stance, his stretched tires, etc… can you believe that some people actually DIDN’T like it?! I laughed out loud when I read some comments from Bimmer owners that mentioned the same old things that anti-tire-stretch people say when they see outstanding feats of mathematics like this one. “I hate stretched tires. They make your classy car look ghetto, like a lowrider Impala! Tire stretch is stupid because it lessens your contact patch with the ground!” Oh, and let’s not forget, my absolute favorite… “I hope you like curb rashed lips on your wheels, because that’s what you’re gonna get if you stretch your tires!” LOL

So props to Pavel on his superior mathematics skills. After all, calculating proper offset and stance is the type of math they need to teach you in school, but they don’t. In order to get this look, you need to get an aggressive enough width (but not too much), the right amount of drop to get rid of the fender gap, and the right amount of camber to tuck the tire sidewalls. So… does anyone want to make an educated guess on Pavel’s wheel and tire sizes/offsets?

Just look at the stance in the back! In Japan, they call that type of stance tsuraichi.  The words tsura and ichi used together have the meaning “to become one.” In this case, the wheel has seemingly “become one with the fender.”

Super sick. RESPECT!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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23 Responses

  1. Nice and clean. Here’s my newbie guess:

    17×10 +15 and 215/40/17 in the rear.

    The stretch hate is getting old. Not sure why haters feel like they need to comment, like no one has ever before hated on stretch and super low. Like the owners of these cars don’t know that they’ll scrape, need to watch out for curbs and need to find a special tire mounter to stretch ’em out. :)

    Got Math!? haha

  2. Lee

    Hey, I’d like to thank Pavel for having 1 badass car for me to shoot. I had no idea my picture would make it up to here! awesome!

    I’ve got bunch more, how do I get them to guys to post up?

  3. Pablo

    This car started a shit storm.

    These are the stats I could find on it.

    ccw lm20
    18×10 et-10 with 225/45
    18×11.5 et10 with 255/40

    Custom Coilovers.

    Here is the first thread

    and here is another thread

    Pavel has now been banned by a forum mod Kevlar

    On the last post of It Fit’s Kevlar posted this

    EDIT: I guess he didn’t like my opinion either…”

    So he pm’ed you and……. Whatever right.. Ban for no reason.

    It’s dope, the car’s stance started a shit storm. Pavel got banned and his car is a Classic now.

  4. PavelK313

    Thank you guys for all of the comments!
    When I started building my car, even in my wildest dreams I could imagine that it would make such an impact on car community. My goal was to build myself, comfortable, reliable and somewhat good looking daily beater. She and I would like to thank everyone who helped us along our journey!

  5. Awesome job Pavel … love the look and can’t believe all the hate and Banning from the forum …. don’t let it stop you from finishing it up !


    -15 degrees of camber king lol !


    Why the hell are bimmer guys hating? Aren’t there a bunch of e30’s, e36, e46, slammed on coils, streetch tires, wide wheels with aggressive offsets? No love for the e39 i guess..

  7. Something I tend to see a lot amidst communities of enthusiasts like this, is this same mentality where something astray from the ‘norm’ gets scolded and (sometimes angrily) looked down upon. I see a lot of this on BMW forums in regard to drifting in particular.

    People need to realize that just because it isn’t your thing… doesn’t mean that it isn’t someone else’s… or that it is any less valid for those that are into it. I mean… so what – you don’t like it. Go focus your energies on something you do like, and let people be.

    Being enthusiastic with any aspect of their car should be celebrated… even if it isn’t something you might not particularly like or agree with.

  8. Yo Andy, I agree with you and Imma let you finish. But ugly body kits are one thing we should never celebrate for the rest of all time. Even if it is “your thing.”!

    With that said, this Bimmer is definitely dope to me. I would add a nice front lip and call it a day.

  9. Jake

    Congrats Pavel.
    New setup looks great; need to see it in person.
    lol at the BF drama.
    Some people just don’t understand.

  10. pavels a life saver and a ballsy fella for letme me borrow this up to go snowboarding at northstar at tahoe. me and a buddy were in dire need of a vehicle and a mass text was sent. pavel answered you can borrow my car. i thought he was joking but he was totally serious. so that night i picked it up and next thing you know necks were breaking all the way up to tahoe. drive was a bit sketchy but other than that props to Pavel K for this crazy setup and helping a friend in need hahaha. you can borrow my s13 anytime.

  11. Rick

    PXRMikey – Very cool. Sounds like a good guy.

    Im the same way with my S2000 – its a car and I usually toss the keys to friends or if someones in need.

    I usually hate on stretched tires and stupid drops BUT – this car is an obvious daily driver/cruiser and there doesn’t appear to be any compromise (ala S2000 owners that tuck 195s/205s – on capable sports car = fail).

    Looks great – any more info on the coilovers? I thought about doing an E39 wagon much like this.

  12. Kevin Truong

    This bimmer is focken clean! It’s rocks for more sophisticated folks like ourselves Pavel. There’s always got to be some narrow minded motherfockers every where. Let those motherfockers lock themselves up in a tiny little room and talk shit all day because that’s all they’re ever going to be: shit and their opinions are shit. End of story.

  13. I have the same exact car, color and all and ideally want the same effect. Trying to figure out a few things to make it happen. If Pavel is still around i have some questions.

    So I am guessing that H&R springs or the bavarian Autosports brand wont allow it to sit like that?
    I wanted the rear wheel to have a wider lip and was wondering would a wheel spacer give it the same effect or no?

    Not sure if I want my wheels to bow in as bad but I do want a slight bow to them.

    Your rid is freakin sick. Hit me up sometime if you want to give me some pointers. Don’t want to copy you but damn, when you like something you just like it.

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