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WEBMINING> Smart drifters prefer Hayabusa engines

Just when you thought Smart cars were only for urban dwelling green enthusiasts… we uncovered this video, which features a Smart fortwo with a Hayabusa engine in it! Sounds good to us! Although having that much power and torque in such a small frame sure won’t be meeting the strict safety regulations of a Volvo (for example) any time soon, there are some times when you just need to throw caution to the wind because driving a car like that just looks fun as hell. Imagine how fun it would be to play bumper cars with Hayabusa engined Smart cars?! That would be AWESOME – and you know it!

City dwellers – just imagine being able to kick your clutch, yank your steering wheel and pull super quick u-turns in the middle of busy metropolitan streets when you’re trying to find that elusive parking spot in the city!

Hell yeah. Sign us up!


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  1. anakin

    I’m in a room full of people high fiving everybody and wishing I could get me one of these!

  2. Patrick Roszel

    the smart cars with the motorcycle is crazy espically the endo the car do at the end

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