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CARSPOTTING> Mighty Crown from Japan

Bosozoku Toyota Crown hippari tire Takeyari pipe exhaust boso Mighty Crown Irik Farnacio

While you were sleeping… I was out doing a late night photo shoot with a particular mighty Crown from Japan. No, I’m not talking about Mighty Crown, the reggae soundclash champions from Japan; I’m talking about this incredible looking MS60 Toyota Crown Super Saloon.

This awesome right hand drive MS60 Crown is owned by an old school Toyota enthusiast named Irik Farnacio. Even though he just started working on building it up bosozoku style, I think it looks awesome already. He already has wide wheels with hippari tires (stretched tires) on it, not to mention a takeyari (exhaust pipes) set up that will get the local fuzz to pull him over in no time flat.

This photo is just an excerpt from a recent photo shoot I did for Max Power Magazine in the UK. This is an extremely busy week and weekend (FD weekend) for the Motor Mavens crew, so I’ll just post this preview on the site for now… but please check back real soon for more photos and our story about Irik and his friends!

::Antonio Alvendia

PS: In case you other photographers were wondering… this was hand held using a 5D Mark II.

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14 Responses

  1. Chris Bautista

    hey antonio did irik tell you about his other cars? he’s also got an ms55 crown and an mx73 cressida.

  2. AEkyuni

    sweet car!

    do you guys get penalties or tickets for running around in such set-up? hehe. can’t blame the cops if the car does grab alot of attention. what’s under the hood? is it swapped like most of the guys in japan do it? cant imagine how this sounds rumblin down the street. hehe.

  3. “this was hand held using a 5D Mark II.”

    So tripods aren’t the be-all-end-all of photography?! I sometimes wonder if people think any decent pictures are taken without them anymore… (So far, no tripod for me, but I’m just a horrible newbie who’s working on vision for now. The stuff you can’t learn in books and classes and all that.)

  4. AEkyuni

    yeah same here. but taking pictures at nigh with some great exposure is a bitch without using tri-pods. especially with shaky haands like mine. hehehe.

    perhaps antonio can give us a tip or two. 😛

  5. Talk about exhaust to the extreme. I love these little poked out wheels on the old J tin. I wonder how Falcons/Novas/Corvairs from the mid 60’s (before US muscle got really big) would look on a wheel setup like this. I think it has potential. Someone try it!

  6. 1976 or earlier has no emissions restrictions. if american muscle car guys can run cat-less unrestricted side exhaust on V8s, why cant the boso crowd do this?

    and how hard is to register a pre-1976 JDM jewel anyways?

  7. LloyD

    damn Irik,the crown looks sweet in this pic !!! so does my mx32 !!! :)
    I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE REST of the pics from the shoot !!!

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