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CARSPOTTING> Rob Primo's RPS13 180SX

While at one of the Evergreen Drift events. i was just walking around the starting grid before they started to run. I was just having a good time with all the guys out there when I noticed this clean RPS13 180SX with an aggressive stance and rolling on some proper fitting Work Emotion CR Kais. When the driver got out of the car on the right hand side, I noticed it was none other than my buddy Rob Primo.

Rob just got some OEM Japanese 180SX aero along with fresh blue paint and some new wheels for his car. I think the white and blue color combination on this works very well. I noticed he also shaved the side marker lights and windshield washer squirters, a nice touch to an already clean car. Way to keep it classy, Rob!

::Yoshi Shindo

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  1. Rich

    This is definitely one of the cleanest RPS13’s I’ve seen this simple. But I agree with Lperezidente…where’s the lip at?? j/k Props to the owner!!

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